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A male dorm on the northside of Texas A&M University. It is one of five balcony style dorms on campus. It's called a balcony dorm because the rooms don't connect to a central hallway inside the building. The rooms connect to a long balcony which runs the entire length of both sides of the dorm. This makes the building look a little like a Motel 6. Each of the 4 floors has a central breezeway which splits the floor in half. A central stairway connects each of the floors together. The rooms are suites, meaning that two rooms share a central bathroom. Each room houses 2 residents.

Schuhmacher Hall is named after Henry C. Schuhmacher of Houston, Texas, and was constructed in 1964. He became a member of the Board of Directors of Texas A&M University in 1925.

The residents of the dorm have taken the nickname "Seamen", as in the Schuhmacher Seamen. They often use HHH as a symbol to remind people that there are 3 H's in the name Schuhmacher (people often forget the second H).

Schuhmacher Hall lies on the north edge of campus. Beyond that is Northgate, a collection of bars, restaurants, and book stores. To the east lies the Post Office, Hotard Hall, Neeley Hall, and Hobby Hall. To the west is McInnis Hall. To the south lies Walton Hall, Schuhmacher's traditional rival.

It is also closer to the Dixie Chicken than any other dorm on campus.

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