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Quest-O-Science FictionMonth: January 10, 2008 to February 9, 2008

This is a quest for two things: science fiction, and science fiction factuals - that is to say, factual writeups about existing science fiction. (Sorry, science factuals don't count!) Any kind of science fiction is welcome, from the hardest of hard sci-fi to largely pulpy rayguns-and-hyperdrives fare. We're open-minded.

Here in the space year 3008, we have no need for your primitive hu-mon Experience Points. At the end of the Quest, entrants will receive:

  • 1 XP for each writeup submitted.

And when it's all over, the author of the factual writeup with the highest reputation and the author of the fiction writeup with the highest reputation will each receive:

  • 1 additional XP

Plus special bonus point for the following nodeshell challenges:

TimelunchVenusian Vampire VixensOne Million Years A.D.Calling Occupants of Interplanetary CraftThe alien zombies are coming. I can feel it in my bones.


any daylog from the past (prior to November 13, 1999) or future (after December 31, 2008)

All submissions will naturally gain super upvotes from being listed live on the front page of E2 for the duration of the quest!

At your peril, disregard the Turkey City Lexicon: A Primer For Science Fiction Workshops when composing your submission(s).

Each time you submit an entry, send a message to sam512 with its title and it will be added to this writeup. Direct any questions to sam512, kthejoker or to the e2scifi usergroup. Operators are standing by.

The story so far:


The mentioned nodeshell bonuses were all successfully won by the starred writeups above. Expository lump by aneurin was the highest-scoring factual writeup, scoring +33; Mind to mind by Evil Catallus was the highest-scoring fiction writeup, with +18. Extra kudos (but no actual XP) to Timeshredder for penning a full six writeups over the course of the quest!

Mark the date. This time next year: SciFiQuest 9999

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