By Sycrim

As darkness begins to fabricate,
The nocturnal blanket unfolds,
The soul grows colder by the hour,
By powers, the nighttime holds.

Eerie figments of man’s conviction,
Now dance upon the floor,
Frightening the nearby child,
Running for his parent’s door.

“Lo’ and behold the warding essence,”
Speaks the father to his son,
“Of nature’s resilient light,
Which for us the night is won.”

With a brilliance of a solemn spark,
And a puff of sulfuric air,
The once passive vessel of light,
Erupts into a stately flare.

Colors of red and hues of yellow,
Ignite with passion never seen before.
The blaze now grows grander,
As if written in supernatural score.

The conflagration now at its peak,
With scintillation of scarlet sear,
Emits a warm and soothing pyre,
To quell the youth’s daunting fear.

Aided now with his celestial beacon,
The child did so declare,
“Oh beings there above the mortal planes,
None finer is our fire, for us you faithfully spare.”

“The shimmers of peace between your wisps,
The strength and courage, which make men bold,
All dwell within this spirit,
Who banishes the dark and cold.”

The fierce yet shepherding burn of bright,
Thy beauty hath stolen my heart.
Your presence I shall surely summon,
Upon the daylight’s waning start.

Note: This is an original work. Please cite if used.

A Latin term from Roman law. The Webster definition apply to this term also, but it is used in legal terms to underline that there must be "at least a scintilla of evidence" to pass judgement.

Scintilla is a project, led by Neil Hodgson, to produce an open source text editor component for GTK+ (UNIX) and Windows.

The project's flagship is SciTE, a text editor application that uses this component.

Scintilla and SciTE are particularly interesting when editing source code. It looks nice and provides visual aid for coding - folding is supported, as is code completion and styling (and coloring) of code.

I haven't used SciTE much, but it appears to be pretty good - definitely beats nedit on UNIX (hey, nedit has those ugly and unusable Motif file requesters, GTK+ has better ones!), Notepad (not that it would take much =) and probably even PFE and several other editors in Windows - I'm not sure if it's good enough to beat XEmacs, though...

Home page:
Needless to say, SciTE is also available as a Debian package.

Scin*til"la (?), n. [L.]

A spark; the least particle; an iota; a tittle.

R. North.


© Webster 1913.

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