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Scott Chen is also one of the stars of Horsehockey. Scott is fictional like Josh Burbank. He's in his early twenties too and despite the name, shows no sign of being Oriental.

Scott originally showed up in www.addventure.com, (yes, two ds) a game just like in the style of Horsehockey. Unfortunately, due to circumstances unknown, Addventure shut down. His fans, not ones for caring about silly things like that, imported him over to Horsehockey where he lives on.

Unlike Josh Burbank, Scott handles stress well. It's more of a reaction to injustices, real or imagined, that sets Scott off into a frenzy of being naked, killing people or just generally doing some fucked-up shit.

Scott also usually is a force for good. He started out in Addventure in the staircase room, a mysterious and plot-rich place. As such, Scott's main motivation has been to get home, wherever and whenever that might be. Scott becomes easily distracted from his mission by many things, such as helpless females, animals that can talk and shinies.

He started out in Addventure

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