Often called the "King of Ragtime", Scott Joplin was a talented african-american musician born in Texas in 1868. He contributed many original compositions to the genre of ragtime music, a "peculiarly American blend of folk tunes, african rhythms and creole influences." According to a site that calls itself "Scottjoplin.com", though is actually located at http://www.sunhawk.com/joplin/index.html, some of his best-known pieces are the "Maple Leaf Rag" (1899), "The Entertainer" (1902), "Rose Leaf Rag" (1907), "Gladiolus Rag" (1907), "Fig Leaf Rag" (1908) and "Magnetic Rag" (1914).

Joplin died in 1917 from syphilis and mental illness, but his music is still popular today. One of the most popular examples in the 1973 Robert Redford/Paul Newman movie The Sting.

A complete list of all his compositions follow:

Augustan Club Waltz
Binks' Waltz
A Breeze from Alabama
The Cascades
The Chrysanthemum
Combination March
Country Club
The Easy Winners
Elite Syncopations
The Entertainer
Euphonic Sounds
The Favorite
Felicity Rag
Fig Leaf Rag
Frolic of the Bears
Gladiolus Rag
Good-bye Old Gal
Great Crush Collision
Harmony Club Waltz
Heliotrope Bouquet
I Am Thinking of My Pickanniny Days
Kismet Rag
Lily Queen
Little Black Baby
Lovin' Babe
Magnetic Rag
Maple Leaf Rag
Maple Leaf Rag. Song
March Majestic
Original Rags
Palm Leaf Rag
Paragon Rag
Peacherine Rag
A Picture of Her Face
Pine Apple Rag
Pine Apple Rag. Song
Pleasant Moments
Please Say You Will
The Ragtime Dance (1902)
The Ragtime Dance (1906)
Rose Leaf Rag
Rosebud Two-Step
Sarah Dear
School of Ragtime
Scott Joplin's New Rag
Searchlight Rag
Silver Swan Rag
Snoring Sampson
Something Doing
Stoptime Rag
The Strenuous Life
Sugar Cane
Sunflower Slow Drag
Swipesy Cakewalk
The Sycamore
Wall Street Rag
Weeping Willow
When Your Hair Is Like the Snow

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