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Scott Murphy is one half of the comedy duo, The Two Guys from Andromeda (the other half being his partner, Mark Crowe). From 1986-1991, they were responsible for the first four games in Sierra's legendary Space Quest series of adventure games, detailing the bumbling and satirical exploits of space janitor Roger Wilco.

The duo split up shortly after the completion of Space Quest IV, and Mark Crowe moved to Sierra's sister company, Dynamix. In the meantime, Scott stayed behind at Sierra's offices in Oakhurst, where he was programming games for other designers (most notably at that time, Police Quest IV: Open Season).

After Mark Crowe did Space Quest V solo and then announced that he wasn't doing anymore SQ games, Scott Murphy and Josh Mandel designed Space Quest VI together.

Scott and Leslie Balfour were in the process of designing Space Quest VII when Scott was involved in a rather serious car accident, which left him hospitalized for some time. Scott had already been enduring a couple of mild-to-serious health problems, so when Sierra was bought by conglomerate CUC Software, only to be sold on to French company Havas, one of their first orders of business was to lay off most of the old staff at Sierra. Scott Murphy was one of them.

Since then, not much has been heard from Scott. He's not been terribly involved in the computer games industry, although he's still working with computers in some way or another.

As a person, Scott is a very down-to-earth and friendly guy, but also has a knack for disappearing without a trace whenever he needs time on his own. He has been known to vanish for literally months on end, at least to his online friends and fans. It's really anybody's guess what he's up to next.

He has a website at http://www.scottmurphy.com.

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