Scott Steiner, a WCW wrestler whose real name is Scott Rechsteiner, is a former WCW heavyweight champion and a member of the tremendously popular tag-team he founded with Buff Bagwell.

As is common in the familial business of professional wrestling, Scott Steiner is not the only representative of his clan currently working in the squared circle: his older brother, Rick Steiner ("The Dog-Faced Gremlin," I kid you not), had been popular in the WCW for some time when Scott made his debut.

Occasionally referred to as Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner frequently enters the ring before a match surrounded by an accompanying gaggle of "hoochie mamas." There seems to be an implicit suggestion that, although not a pimp in any vocational sense, Scott Steiner excercises control over an impressive number of scantily clad women.

He is also one of the clearest examples of steroid use in either the WCW or the WWF: his musculature is grotesque, particularly his biceps, which are almost completely spherical.

He is from Michigan, and is usually the "bad guy" in most matches, although his popularity is undiminished (possibly due to the afformentioned 'hoochie mamas."

At the moment (4/30/01), Scott Steiner's future in wrestling is a bit tenuous, primarily because his threats to retire if not allowed to defeat rival wrestler Booker T. are almost certainly a component of plot development. However, WCW was recently acquired by WWF, and the roster of wrestlers will likely shrink.

The most interesting element of this latest episode: the endearing reflexive honesty incorporated into the narrative; Scott Steiner is ostensibly protesting the way this match is being written and produced, and his fans are supporting him. No one is even pretending to pretend that the matches are real (which is probably a Good Thing).

The number of layers of seriousness, facetiousness, fact, and irony which constitute contemporary wrestling is beginning to give me headaches.

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