Glossary of Scottish Dialect : G

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These definitions are taken from the “Glossary of Scottish Dialect” from The Harvard Classics volume 6, “The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns,” 1909. The volume is in the public domain. Aside from their inherent interest, they are valuable to anyone reading the work of Burns.

Gab, the mouth.
Gab, to talk.
Gabs, talk.
Gae, gave.
Gae, to go.
Gaed, went.
Gaen, gone.
Gaets, ways, manners.
Gairs, gores.
Gane, gone.
Gang, to go.
Gangrel, vagrant.
Gar, to cause, to make, to compel.
Garcock, the moorcock.
Garten, garter.
Gash, wise; self-complacent (implying prudence and prosperity); talkative.
Gashing, talking, gabbing.
Gat, got.
Gate, way-road, manner.
Gatty, enervated.
Gaucie, v. Gawsie.
Gaud, a. goad.
Gaudsman, goadsman, driver of the plough-team.
Gau’n, gavin.
Gaun, going.
Gaunted, gaped, yawned.
Gawky, a foolish woman or lad.
Gawky, foolish.
Gawsie, buxom; jolly.
Gaylies, gaily, rather.
Gear, money, wealth; goods; stuff.
Geck, to sport; toss the head.
Ged, a pike.
Gentles, gentry.
Genty, trim and elegant.
Geordie, dim. of George, a guinea.
Get, issue, offspring, breed.
Ghaist, ghost.
Gie, to give.
Gied, gave.
Gien, given.
Gif, if.
Giftie, dim. of gift.
Giglets, giggling youngsters or maids.
Gillie, dim. of gill (glass of whiskey).
Gilpey, young girl.
Gimmer, a young ewe.
Gin, if, should, whether; by.
Girdle, plate of metal for firing cakes, bannocks.
Girn, to grin, to twist the face (but from pain or rage, not joy); gapes; snarls.
Gizz, wig.
Glaikit, foolish, thoughtless, giddy.
Glaizie, glossy, shiny.
Glaum’d, grasped.
Gled, a hawk, a kite.
Gleede, a glowing coal.
Gleg, nimble, sharp, keen-witted.
Gleg, smartly.
Glieb, a portion of land.
Glib-gabbet, smooth-tongued.
Glint, sparkle.
Gloamin, twilight; gloamin-shot, sunset.
Glow’r, stare.
Glunch, frown], growl.
Goavin, looking dazedly; mooning.
Gotten, got.
Gowan, the wild, or mountain, daisy.
Gowany, covered with wild daisies.
Gowd, gold.
Gowdie, the head.
Gowff’d, struck, as in the game of golf.
Gowk, the cuckoo, a dolt.
Gowling, lamenting (as a dog in grief).
Graff, a grave, a vault.
Grain’d, groaned.
Graip, a dung-fork.
Graith, implements, gear; furniture; attire.
Graithing, gearing, vestments.
Grane, groan.
Grannie, graunie, grandmother.
Grape, grope.
Grat, wept.
Gree, the prize (degree).
Gree, to agree.
Greet, to weep.
Groanin maut, groaning malt, brewed for a lying-in.
Grozet, a gooseberry.
Grumphie, the pig.
Grun’, the ground.
Gruntle, the face.
Gruntle, dim. of grunt.
Grunzie, growing.
Grutten, wept.
Gude, God.
Guid, gude, good.
Guid-e’en, good evening.
Guid-father, father-in-law.
Guid-man, husband.
Guid-wife, mistress of the house.
Guid-willie, hearty, full of good-will.
Gullie, gully, a large knife.
Gulravage, riotous play.
Gumlie, muddy.
Gumption, wisdom.
Gusty, tasty.
Gutcher, goodsire, grandfather.

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