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Glossary of Scottish Dialect : K

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These definitions are taken from the “Glossary of Scottish Dialect” from The Harvard Classics volume 6, “The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns,” 1909. The volume is in the public domain. Aside from their inherent interest, they are valuable to anyone reading the work of Burns.

Kae, a jackdaw.
Kail, kale, the colewort; cabbage; Scots’ broth.
Kail-blade, the leaf of the colewort.
Kail-gullie, a cabbage knife.
Kail-runt, the stem of the colewort.
Kail-whittle, a cabbage knife.
Kail-yard, a kitchen garden.
Kain, kane, rents in kind.
Kame, a comb.
Kebars, rafters.
Kebbuck, a cheese; a kebbuck heel = the last crust of a cheese.
Keckle, to cackle, to giggle.
Keek, look, glance.
Keekin-glass, the looking-glass.
Keel, red chalk.
Kelpies, river demons.
Ken, to know.
Kenna, know not.
Kennin, a very little (merely as much as can be perceived).
Kep, to catch.
Ket, the fleece on a sheep’s body.
Key, quay.
Kiaugh, anxiety.
Kilt, to tuck up.
Kimmer, a wench, a gossip; a wife.
Kin’, kind.
King’s-hood, the 2d stomach in a ruminant (equivocal for the scrotum).
Kintra, country.
Kirk, church.
Kirn, a churn.
Kirn, harvest home.
Kirsen, to christen.
Kist, chest, counter.
Kitchen, to relish.
Kittle, difficult, ticklish, delicate, fickle.
Kittle, to tickle.
Kittlin, kitten.
Kiutlin, cuddling.
Knaggie, knobby.
Knappin-hammers, hammers for breaking stones.
Knowe, knoll.
Knurl, knurlin, dwarf.
Kye, cows.
Kytes, bellies.
Kythe, to show.

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