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Stout beer brewed by Broughton Ales Limited in the Scottish Borders region. It’s major ingredients are Maris Otter Pale Ale malt, Black malt, Roasted barley and Pinhead oats. Although the brewery claims that: «This luxurious and traditional country stout is richly flavoured, silky smooth and immensely satisfying», one will discover by tasting it that even if it is relatively «richly flavored», it is too thin for what you would expect from a great stout beer. With a name like Scottish Oatmeal, it should be a little more stomach filling, a little more chunky. Nevertheless, it is an enjoyable and satisfying stout, but not «immensely» satisfaying.

Specifications: (Source: http://www.broughtonales.co.uk/)

Alc/vol: 4.2%

OG: 1045°

PG: 1012°

Colour: 160-180

Bitterness: 35 IBUM.o

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