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Scream of the Wolf:

Released: 1974
Genre: Thriller
Produced and Directed by: Robert D. Webb


The movie begins with John Weatherby being called in to investigate a particularly grizzly animal attack. The victim, whose car had run out of gas on a deserted road, was mangled beyond recognition by some unknown creature. After a brief investigation, the search is called off. It seems that the attacker changed its scent, and footprints, a short distance off.

Soon after the attack, John attempts to enlist the help of Byron Douglas, a long-time friend and big game hunter. Byron, an enigmatic recluse, refuses to help in the search for the mystery animal, claiming that he is busy packing for a trip to South America. In the conversation between these two characters, it is learned that Byron had been attacked and almost killed by a large wolf, which the locals claimed was a werewolf, some years prior.

The primary focus of the movie is the tension between John and Byron as John attempts to recruit Byron into assisting in the search. As more and more attacks occur, it seems more and more likely that Byron is some supernatural creature, and is responsible for the attacks. The conflict between the two main characters continues to grow until Byron finally agrees to assist in the hunt for the animal responsible for the attacks, quickly bringing about the surprising conclusion.


This movie is a good example of the art of misdirection. It looks, feels, and acts like a fairly typical horror film until close to the very end, when it turns out to be a decent crime drama. The sets are well designed, the acting is fairly decent, and the script is well thought out.

Probably the only true flaw is that the movie is somewhat short - only about an hour and fifteen minutes long. It?s not going to kill an idle afternoon, but is a great film for if you?ve got an hour that needs filled. Though it won?t win any awards for any particularly well designed film elements, it is a decent movie , and is worth a viewing.

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