A Screech Owl only weighs in at about 6 oz. Only stands 8". Only comes in 3 colors. And can only claim to be bigger than other owl species with names like 'Pygmy' and 'Elf'. Yet they apparently think they are tougher than the toughest thing going. It's an attitude thing.

The preferred diet of the Screech Owl is live field mice. Kind of like sushi, in a way.

The Screech Owl can be found hiding in the hollows of trees in the forests of practically everywhere East of the Rockies and West of Europe. Abroad at night, they can consciously control their pupillary constriction the better to hunt down a square meal.

Screech Owls have been shown to be prone to unfortunate accidents involving cars. Screech Owls are Not tougher than cars.

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