The boyfriend of Yuka Honda and the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He has his father's talent and his mother's singing. Ouch. Unfortunately, expectations stemming from being the son of the best Beatle lead his music to sound like that of a Lennon wannabe. His album, "Into the Sun," is decent, though suffers mainly from his inability to sing, his going overboard into wordplay, and him trying too hard to sound like his dad.

Hmm. I don't agree. But everything is not a BBS, so I'll phrase it in the form of a writeup.

Son of John Lennon, he has one album, "Into the Sun." One of the sweetest albums I've ever heard; it is all about how much he loves his girlfriend, Yuka Honda (of Cibo Matto). It's a great album, though I've heard people don't like his voice. I don't think it's that bad...Then again, I think Bob Dylan has a great voice....

Sean Lennon can also be found on Butter 08, a side project of Cibo Matto and some other people, and touring with Cibo Matto (he plays guitar or bass or something).

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