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Galileo Galilei aimed his telescope at the moon in 1610 and saw what could only have been bodies of water. Upon closer inspection they turned out to be dust and lava, but his naming system was so god-damned pretty that we kept it.

Lacus Somniorum ⇒ Lake of Sleep

Mare Anguis ⇒ Sea of Snakes
Mare Cognitum ⇒ Sea of Knowledge
Mare Crisium ⇒ Sea of Crises
Mare Fecunditatis ⇒ Sea of Fecundity
Mare Frigoris ⇒ Sea of Cold
Mare Humorum ⇒ Sea of Moisture
Mare Imbrium ⇒ Sea of Rains
Mare Nectaris ⇒ Sea of Nectar
Mare Nubium ⇒ Sea of Clouds
Mare Serenitatis ⇒ Sea of Serenity
Mare Spumans ⇒ Sea of Foam
Mare Tranquilitatis ⇒ Sea of Tranquility
Mare Undarum ⇒ Sea of Waves
Mare Vaporum ⇒ Sea of Vapor

Oceanus Procellarum ⇒ Ocean of Storms

Palus Epidemiarum ⇒ Marsh of Disease
Palus Somnii ⇒ Marsh of Sleep

Sinus Aestuum ⇒ Bay of Seething
Sinus Iridium ⇒ Bay of Rainbows
Sinus Medii ⇒ Bay of the Center
Sinus Roris ⇒ Bay of Dew

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