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Seaside, Florida, about a half-hour from Panama City, Florida is responsible for the birth of the dialogue:

A: I just got back from vacation.
B: Really? Where'd you go?
A: Seaside, Florida.
B: Oh! What town'd you go to?

After going through this a few hundred times, I just started telling people that I'd gone to the town where they filmed The Truman Show, and, by the way, it's in Florida. It's much simpler.

Seaside derives a lot of its modern appeal from the screening of the movie, which was popular enough to make it the theme of a small portion of the town. The town's main store sells scripts and guidebooks for the movie; Truman's house has been affectionately repainted and renamed "The Truman House". A whole lot of people feel the need to drive sixty miles an hour around the traffic circle, as Jim Carrey did in the movie. It's not a great plan.

Seaside, despite having a projected population of only 2000 and a size of only 80 acres, supports a number of gourmet restaurants for the town's wealthy tourist clientele, as well as an open air market. The whole town feels straight out of the early 1900s, and enjoys sweltering summer heat and mild winters.

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