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The Second Crusade began in 1147 after the County of Edessa fell to Moslems in 1144. Pope Eugenius III issued the papal bull Quantum praedecessores in 1145, calling Louis VII of France to a Crusade. St. Bernard convinced Louis and many other knights to go, and even Eleanor of Aquitaine herself accompanied the entourage. Many soldiers were diverted in Portugal, where the King called for their help to lift a seige by Moslems. King Conrad of Germany continued on, however, arriving in Turkish territory in October 1147. However, his army was slaughtered by Turkish soldiers on 25 October. Now it was essentially a French crusade. Louis' army suffered many losses and debacles long before it arrived at its ultimate destination. In the end, there was a disappointing 4-day battle at Damascus, and Louis' army went home in defeat. The Second Crusade was over.

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