Interesting little album released by LIVE in 1997 on Radioactive Records, which wasn't nearly as well-received as their previous works, or their latest, "The Distance to Here". This is probably because the lyrics seem kind of weak, and the music isn't quite so amazing as per usual, but I still like it. They managed to throw in some perplexing lines here and there, and some of the music is pretty intense. I still think that "Throwing Copper" will always be their best, regardless.

Track Listing:

1. Rattlesnake
2. Lakini's Juice
3. Graze
4. Century
5. Ghost
6. Unsheathed
7. Insomnia and the Hole in the Universe
8. Turn My Head
9. Heropsychodreamer
10. Freaks
11. Merica
12. Gas Hed Goes West

All of the tracks are listenable, some grow tiresome. I believe "Lakini's Juice", "Turn My Head", and "Freaks" were the only tracks released as singles, but I could be incorrect. Props to Ed for mentioning Henry Miller in "Freaks", though, that's for sure. There is always a lot of meaning in the stuff LIVE puts out, I just didn't find this album quite so appealing as their others.

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