Like many Urban Universities (I would imagine) Tech has a number of spots carved out by students trying to hide from the ever encroaching city, noise and mobs. What follows are the more publicly accessible spots that most people learn about during their first few semesters at Tech.

Atop the Student Center

Access: On the right side of the second-floor balcony is a chair, as well as a four-foot high wall, seperated from the balcony by a one-foot gap. Once across this gap, one will be atop the student center. Above the glass ceiling - eastward - is another roof, accessible via the steel beam on the wall-side of it. The glass-ceiling on the left has been known to support people for short amounts of time, however the 20-foot drop discourages further testing.
From the higher roof, most of the city of Atlanta is visible. On clear night with few lights on (i.e. not a Friday or Saturday) it is even possible to see a few stars.

Atop the ECE building

Access: This is probably the simplest to get to, with an unlocked and rather obvious door on the top floor. One of the more publicly known locations, it isn't uncommon to find people here in the middle of the day having their lunch or catching up with some reading. As an added bonus, ECE students have access to the building at night and are therewith given a nice Star-scouting oppertunity.

By the Interstate

Access: Traveling along Techwood northbound on East campus, pass 5th street and continue to the Psi Upsilon house. Directly after it / between it and the Interstate will be a bush and downward slope. Behind the Fence (it's torn down towards the end) will be a pathway leading to a clearing with some chairs.
From here one can see cars approaching and zooming by (traffic on I-75/I-85 never seems to stop) at night illuminated by Tungsten - while remaining invisible to the cars.

*NOTE* Some of these include what can be interpreted as climbing and may be used as a reason for expulsion for Tech Students!

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