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The Selby Tigers are a punk rock band from St. Paul, MN. They have a rather unique sound, which has been described as "A combination of 70's punk, 80's new wave, and 90's two guitar pop." No, really.

They started playing in basements and bars around Minneapolis-St. Paul, and finally released an EP in 1999. This caught the attention of Hopeless Records, and gained them a record deal. Later, their bassist left, and was replaced by recording technician David Gardner, who has recorded for the likes of Dillinger Four and Sean Na Na. This left them with a much more unified sound and feeling. Now having a more solid line-up and bigger label support, they have toured with the likes of Alkaline Trio and The Anniversary. Other interesting facts are that all members of the band share mic duties, and that Arzu and Nathan are married.

The Selby Tigers are now:

  • Arzu "D2" Gokcen: Guitar, vocals
  • Nathan Grumdahl: Guitar, vocals
  • David Gardner: Bass, vocals
  • Dave Gatchell: Drums, vocals

Their sound has remained relatively constant; Always upbeat, poppy sing-alongs with bratty female vocals and an overall emphasis on the treble end. Fans of Bratmobile, the Donnas, and people who wished Bikini Kill wouldn't scream so much really seem to have an affinity for the band. They usually play smaller shows, and still are low-key enough to talk to their fans face to face, after the concert. Very cool.


  • Charm City - Hopeless Records, 2000
  • Selby Tigers (EP) - Hopeless Records, 2000
  • South then West (EP) - Self produced, 1999

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