The semen vampire succubus (or some variation of these terms) is a genre of pornography alighting in Japanese anime. The essential thrust of the genre is that there are in the world female vampires who, instead of drinking blood, require a regular infusion of semen to survive. Additionally, these vampires almost always come in the form of a high school girl--let's call her Suki--who happens to be in the same class as a kindhearted but romantically hapless boy, usually a nerdy boy who is typically a virgin. We'll call him Keniko.

It may come to pass that the boy awkwardly asks the girl out (unaware, naturally, of her supernatural cravings), or that the girl more forwardly asks the boy out. On their first date, while he fumbles his way through the usual routine of courtship gestures, she will abruptly interrupt with dialogue along the lines of "I'm sorry Keniko, but I must suck your cock and swallow all your semen right away!! Please do not think any less of me." She will then have her way with him, without much in the way of resistance. Often, being a supernatural being, her ability to draw necessary quantities of semen from the boy will be abetted by supernaturally skilled sexual ability, and perhaps through some combination of telepathy and and shapeshifting, wherein she changes her body to accommodate various of his sexual fantasies (usually by making her breasts grow larger and larger, or by taking on the appearance of some matinee idol or another particular girl at school he is attracted to).

In order to introduce dramatic tension into the story, as their relationship blossoms through multiple sessions of Suki taking Keniko's semen in various ways, Keniko experiences some angst. Perhaps he begins to feel used -- telling himself, "she doesn't really love me, she-- she only wants me for my semen!!" He may even decide to break up with Suki, thusly driving her to obtain semen from another less kind boy. But ultimately Keniko and Yuki will make up, and she will confess that she does indeed love him, which they will celebrate with a marathon session of semen-transmitting activity in which she takes joyous ejaculations of his semen into all of her orifices (note that in Japanese erotic cartoons, the act of internal ejaculation is most frequently depicted as a flash of spurting light in the darkness).

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