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The anime is Dragonball Z. Saiyan Prince Vegeta is facing off with some super-powerful enemy or another, his face full of anger and the occasional battle scars. Listen closely, he's about to say something that will teach you why no self-respecting otaku admits to watching the FUNimation dub.

"Why... I ought to send you to the next dimension!"

I cringe, and notch up another Dragonball Z euphemism for death in my notepad. If you watch kids' cartoons in the afternoon (who doesn't?), you may notice that nobody in DBZ is allowed to say kill, killed or dead. Curse you, censorship!

The Z-fighters and their foes can be gone, destroyed, hurt, finished, no longer alive, sent to the next dimension, running on Snake Way, in the Other World; they may have left us, lost their life or just plain aren't coming back... but they never actually die.

Lets all thank the FUNimation censors for the countless lives they've saved - nobody's ever been killed in Dragonball Z.

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