Senfu is a Taiwanese company specialising mainly in water cooling gear. They were the first (to my knowledge, anyway) to offer a complete kit - waterblock, radiator, pump, and thermal paste. They also have a copper/aluminium heatsink, but this might be a prototype as I haven't seen any for sale. Their website is located at .

Their product list, according to their website (comments by me):

  • "Overclocking Water Cooler" - Aluminium waterblock.

    4mm inlets on the edge of the block, with six 2mm channels running in a "w" type shape througout the block. The top is unscrewable (just), and there's a rubber O-ring to prevent leakage. The block comes with a 15g pot of thermal paste, 3m of 4mm 3M sillicon tubing, and mounting hardware for Socket 7/370/A and Slot 1/A CPUs. There's also an overkill amount of adhesive foam rubber for waterproofing your motherboard or slocket in case you use a peltier.

    Be careful running the waterblock with either of the Senfu radiators - the dissimilar metals will cause the aluminium block to submit to galvanic corrosion within a few months. The block does, however, make a nifty keyring after this occurs.
  • "Overclocking Water Cooling Fan" - Copper/Aluminium radiators.

    There are two models of the radiator - single 80mm fan, and dual 80mm fans. There's also some cable ties, a roll of thin teflon tape, and some stick on feet. Both radiators fit quite nicely on top of the power supply in an ATX fulltower, which is just as well, because the fans are annoyingly noisy when mounted outside the case. The inlets on the radiator are designed to fit the 4mm tubing that comes with the waterblock, but can be drilled out or butchered with a dremel to fit 3/8" or 1/2" tubing. Beware of corrosion problems when using either of the radiators with aluminium waterblocks.
  • "Overclocking Water Cooling Motor" - Submersible water pump.

    I've never actually seen one of these in action, but from the reviews I've read it seems to have a terrible flowrate at low head heights and breaks down with depressing frequency. I've even seen pictures of a warped CPU melted by a overheating peltier, due to the pump failing. Its only good point seems to be that it natively supports the 4mm tubing that the waterblock takes, so you don't need to hack up an adapter from larger sized tubing.
  • "Thermoelectric Cooler" - Peltier device.

    40x40mm, 54.9w. About right for a mildly overclocked Mendoccino or Coppermine Celeron, or a P3 processor, I guess. The waterblock doesn't really have enough clamping pressure to fully utilise the peltier, though.
  • "Overclocking DIY House" - Meccano style case.

    A really, really bizzare way of making an open case for, say, a testing rig. Essentially, it's a bunch of tubes that you fit together with a spanner, forming a number of shelves to rest equipment on. Your motherboard goes on one shelf, your PSU/drives/watercooling gear on another, and it's modular so you can always add more levels if need be. Possibly useful if you swap components frequently, but I'd be too worried about spilling something on it.
  • "SUPER BOX" - 5-1/4" bay drawer.

    A slide-out drawer that fits in a drive bay, big enough to fit in a couple of CDs, or some screwdrivers. Kinda like a removable hard drive rack, but without the centronics connector. I don't... really see the point.

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