I'm not gonna lie, that was definitely the strangest day of my life. See, I am a cameraman for Studio 59, my main assignment is filming The Great British Bake Off. Specifically, my particular job focuses on filming the judges, Paul and Prue, candid moments.

Now, I've worked this show for quite a while, and the choices in "fashion" have always amazed me - specifically, Prue's necklace choices. I had frequently found myself wondering where someone finds things like that. Generally, I concluded it must be some high culture thing, until one day I learned the truth.

The day started like any other, folks getting ready, banter between the cast and nervous bakers, the crew setting up the stations, and so on. The show got started, and several hours in there was the usual lull while the bakers are waiting for things to proof. Paul had stepped off for a break shortly after he and Prue had been filmed discussing the current state of things in the tent. The sound crew had already left the area, and I was getting ready to walk away. My camera was off for the moment since we all got to take quick breaks when our specific team had nothing to film. I must have been very quiet because I realized I was hearing Prue talking.

"It's ok, darlings, you can stretch now." I heard her say. I turned, wondering if she was talking to me, and I froze. She was mostly turned away from me, but I could still see a fairly decent side profile. Just before I started to reply, seeing no one else around, I watched as her rather eccentric accoutrement start to move. The tentacle-like appendages really were tentacles. They stretched out, and the center piece opened like a mouth in a yawn and made a tiny squeak - which was actually kind of cute - and started curling around Prue's face.

"Ah, who is my sweet darling?" Prue cooed at it. The thing started making purring sounds as it continued to rub on her face, similar to a cat. I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was seeing things. When I re-opened them, it was still moving. Colors has started to swirl in it, and I realized it could change shape and color - Prue was always wearing her... pet.

Completely bewildered, I started to back away quietly, trying not to draw any attention. Luck, of course, was not on my side, and I tripped on something and fell into a shelf of props. The noise cause Prue to turn and look at me. Her eyes had changed to almost lizard-like. Two of the tentacles on the Pet also had similar lizard-like eyes, and were looking at me. Prue smirked, and with no warning her tongue shot out in an unnatural fashion, licking her lizard-eyes clean. That's about when I blacked out.

I awoke in the infirmary. I'm not sure how long I was out for, but it must not have been too long. There was still a lull, not the frenzy of activity when the baker's time is running out. The medic was there, and seemed satisfied when I could answer all the usual questions. I saw Prue nearby staring at me intently, so I mumbled something about not enough breakfast and the heat, along with apologies for causing a scene. This must have sounded reasonable to the medic since he cleared me to continue, after I drank some water and a protein shake. Prue handed me a bottle of water.

"Are you feeling better, Dear?" she asked me, staring intently into my eyes.

"Yes, mum.." I mumbled.

"Oh good. You startled the hell out of me when I heard the clatter." she smiled "Do you need anything?"

There was something in that question. Almost a challenge. Would I say anything? No one would believe me, and my camera had been off and on the ground before the incident started. I did not get any sense of malice from her, just a confident sense that she knew I would keep my mouth shut. It was probably for the best.

"No, mum, I'm ok.." I said sincerely, hoping she caught my meaning as I met her gaze.

"I'm glad to hear that. Paul should be just about ready, so you might want to finish that and find your camera." she said, and started to walk back then turned.

"We are pleased." and she left it at that, smirking. I swear I saw one of the tentacles, back in their original form, wink at me.

I guess, if this is the start alien invasion, I'm in good favor?

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