so lets get something streight right now: i am not gone or disappeared or anything else some people have been saying BEHIND MY BACK. did you think i wouldnt know? did you think you could keep secrets and whispers and rumors from me as if i cant detect when minds are focused on my being, even many many miles away? well lets not forget who the necromancer here is. some of you are maybe thinking "well i didnt know that some psychic detection abilities were part of necromancer powers", well next time just assume it. if you are wondering if i have a certain special power or not then for youre own safety just assume i do because probably i do.

now that we have that out of the way i guess ill explain where ive been. shit has gotten crazy.

basically, i left my necromancer society. you may remember before how i was talking about how i had a new nemesis now who's name is Dave Howell and who has diabetes and a ponytail. well he has proven more powerful than i originally thought. when he was stepping on my toes and stealing my spotlight as the new up and comer i figured "okay well no big deal ill just destroy him." so i go up to the attic, i draw a POWER SIGIL with limestone chalk and i start laying down my most serious DESTRUCTION CURSE. i was invoking demonic shit left and right and i could feel the dark power in my vains again and i knew all this dark power was gonna be acting on Dave Howell and he would get in a car accident or be struck by lightning or fall down some stairs or SOMETHING. so i went to sleep that night feeling pretty good because i was p. sure i had just ruined my greatest foe. but then the next day i go to my necromancer society meeting and hes there and hes just fine. so i guess i underestimated him. the only way he could survive against that level of destruction curses would be to set up some very powerful MAGICAL DEFENSES in his home so i guess he knew some dark forces would be acting against him and researched good magical defense techniques on google.

so that day at the necromancer society meeting Vincent Von Androalphus says hes gonna make a big announcement. im thinking YES, this is the moment my curse works, Vincent Von Androalphus is totally going to kick him out of the necromancer circle. but no, instead he says he has decided that Dave Howell will be the heir to his powers. well that was the last fucking straw because that dude had came in and ruined everything i had worked for years for in just like a month. my first thought was maybe Dave Howell had enchanted him but thats impossible because Vincent Von Androalphus is way too powerful for that. so thats when i knew that the way of the DARK CIRCLE OF GEORGIA was being lost. they forgot who they are. so i said "fuck yall then because your choosing a temporary fad over the true DARK SPARK" and this other necromancer there said "dude shut up and quit being a baby" and i said "youll regret that insignificant worm" and hit him right in mouth with my black painted oak wood walking stick. he fell on the ground and start holding his mouth (his lip was bleeding kind of bad) and making a big scene so i pointed the tip of my walking stick at Dave Howell so he knew he'll be next and then swooshed my cape and walked right the hell out of the library where we were meeting.

i havent gone back for the last three meetings. i will be honest with you guys it has been pretty depressing. i know that i have to become more powerful than all of them and show them what they have lost. maybe i will start my own magic circle. but this month i have just not cared that much. Vincent Von Androalphus was p. much the only guy i really respected so i feel like i lost my family or something. i thought id spend august in training and meditation but really i mostly just ate mexican food and went to nudie bars alot to make myself feel better. i hate sounding like an emo asshole so ill stop now but yeah thats what happened this month.

I started writing about stupid things that stupid people have said, but I accidentally navigated away from the page and the idea seems somehow less important now that I lost my original draft because I was too into it to remember to save my work.

Economy in the form of (Laissez-faire) capitalism seems like a great idea on paper, works excellent in theory, but the pure existence of human greed and desires makes it too flawed for it to work in everyone's favor. Ignoring the spending of a nation as a whole, capitalism is a working economy, but because of how it works, it eats the bottom earners alive, creatiing poverty. Marxist Communism is the closest modern concept of a real working economy that I've read in the past six or so years; I've done quite a bit of looking into it, and nothing else makes as much sense. The problem is that, in theory, it doesn't work because of human desire and greed; the doctor that spends all of his many young years learning his craft wants more share of the wealth than a high school drop-out working for a grocery store, and we need doctors to survive as long as we do (although most of us would say during younger years that we don't want to live to be eighty). But in practice, I would believe that a government enforced sharing of wealth - based on the concept as long as you work you get your share - works. Small-scale capitalism would still exist; people still want to buy imported goods like game consoles, coffee makers, illegal drugs, but everyone's needs are provided for by their own contributions, but it may end up interceded by barter.

People are closed-minded to this kind of idea these days. A lot of it is stupidity, because they either associate communism with totalitarianism government because of early- and mid-1900's propaganda (I have to admit that they did a good job of diverting people away from real communism with this) or because they think that capitalism is perfect (and they think so because capitalism means they have a chance of getting rich on their own means (at other people's expense)). A lot of it is just fear of change, which is honestly understandable; we have a system that we can at least prove most people will survive on and some people will excel with, so chances are pretty okay. A number of problems exist, however, including that there are fewer jobs every day, the value of American money is constantly dropping, and the poverty line is slowly rising. Also, as a capitalistic state, we are prone to throwing money away to the easiest source of gratification - ie. alcohol, video games, drugs (idea for another day's rant, why legalizing marijauna is a good idea, from the point of view of someone who doesn't use), so we in fact have less money after easy gratification on real survival and happiness.

Yes, I'm focusing on the bad things. I'm also doing my best to leave the good things within the perspective, and there aren't a whole lot of up-sides to begin with, in my opinion. So now we have a lot of drug-hungry, addicted, poor people that are barely managing to scrape by and stepping on each other to make it happen (which is honestly pretty accurate). On the other hand, we have the people that are barely even aware of the first category, because they are well-off and eliminate the jobs instead of losing them, and they are the ones driving the first category into their hole in the first place (other than the drug habit enablers of course).

Now I want to picture how it would be if everyone learned whatever craft or skillset that they want to pursue before money becomes an object, and just contributing to the pot means getting back what you need. If you're a bum by choice and don't want to work, then you don't get the benefits. Everyone that works gets what they deserve, not because of how much school it takes. Hell, maybe we would even see school as a completely equal-opportunity system instead of a money-gouging one.

Maybe I'm a dreamer, like John Lennon would probably have said, but everything in me says it makes more sense.

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