My birthday. Chronologically speaking at least. I'm 19, and somehow that feels significant. But I couldn't tell anyone why, as I don't know.

I'll probably enjoy myself today, but right now, just after midnight (BST), I feel pretty bad. I'm tired. I'm upset.

  • My dad's away: for the fourth year running, my dad's out at a conference over my birthday period. Apparently just a coincidence... that's not fair, it is just a concidence. But after the first two years, my natural cynicism and my annoyance made me go through the above mental checking manouvre each time. We wouldn't do anything special if he was here, I probably wouldn't really notice him except at mealtimes, but his absence sticks in my mind all the same.
  • The petrol crisis: this has essentially caused the cancellation of my birthday, in the crass commercialized (ie fun) sense. The mail has been running erratically for the past three days, leaving me without any cards or presents. The parcel delivery services are also out of petrol, so my main present (a 14 inch TV for my uni room) is stuck in some sorting office limbo. My car is empty, so I can't drive out and see my friends, and they're suffering the same problem. My brother and sister can't come back from Uni to see me. The supermarkets have been raided by paranoid food-hoarders (I thought they'd still be finishing their Y2K supplies), so there's barely anything left for the birthday meal. However, we triumphantly managed to salvage some cheap chicken breast, a pot of curry sauce, four onion bahjis and some naan breads from the supermarket, so all is not lost.
  • I have to go to work: actually, this is my own fault. I could have taken the day off today, but when the time came to decide, I didn't feel like it. I need the money, and I suspect that my workload will be susbstantially reduced due to it being my birthday. I hope. Right now though, it doesn't feel like such a good idea. With no presents avaliable, I feel like I should at least have a lie-in, but I've signed away my rights to that.
I'm being self-centered and selfish, I know. But it's my birthday, and that's arguably a large element. I'd like to think that, in a cheesey Simpsons Christmas Special way, it'll be the best birthday ever, etc. But it'll probably be a long day of work (Netware is driving me crazy) followed by a meal which, while decent, isn't particularly special.

I'll fight back. I'll wake up at 7AM, and then fall asleep in the bath (stupidly comfortable, stupidly dangerous) until 8.50, then be late for work. I'll avoid doing anything, and chain-tea-drink. When I get back, I'll clear off this godawful W98 install and stick W2K on here. I'll listen to Mogwai with my amp on half volume. Possibly naked. I'll wolf the bahjis. I'll node. I'll get over it.

Of course, coffee cake helps.

9.10 AM. I was just woken up by a UPS delivery man, carrying a TV sized box. After signing for it (on those funky stylus pads) I opened it to find a Sound Blaster Live! 1024, which I'd ordered weeks ago and sort of forgotten about. Excellent. Except I should have been at work 10 minutes ago. I hope I still have a job*.

*I do, thankfully. I also recieved my first downvote today, hoopy.
I woke up at 6:30am. Not exactly fun, having gone to bed around 2:30 that morning. Why? I don't know. I was too stubborn to take a sleeping pill, perhaps. Or maybe I was just so artistically inspired that I was forced to manifest my talent in a spontaneous self portrait drawn while looking in a mirror in the semi-darkness. Either way, sleep was not had.

School. Was late again, thanks to some amazingly disgusting traffic down Riley this morning. Wonderful. Had a tissues lab to do in Anatomy, my group and I ended up getting so frustrated that we refused to finish. Turns out that had been our teacher's intent. Grr. I hate being frustrated, especially when someone makes me so on purpose to prove a point. It really sucks when their point in a good one.

Filled out three college applications. Depressing, stressful, and a little boring. MSU, U of M, and Ferris. I'm really only interested in the University of Michigan, but I needed some backups. Sigh. I hate thinking about the future, especially when it's all up in the air and out of control.

I talked to Aaron on the phone for quite some time. SoberSephiroth and I have almost convinced him to join Everything. He doesn't know what he's missing yet. But he shall be converted to an Everythingian any day now. Muah ha ha ha.

I can't laugh evilly. It only makes me sound pathetic. I won't try again.

And now, I must return to my A.P. Stats homework. Woo! Statistics! I know I'm excited. Hope you all enjoyed you're day more than I did. 'Night.

when i am at home alone my cat grins. like the cheshire cat but without dissapearing. i can will the phone to ring. i can make a random john q. earthpeople halfway around the globe suddenly think of me, just another random john q. earthpeople.

that accomplished, i can now go to bed and sleep until i will the sun to rise.
corporate re-org meep!

Was I naughty to start to node this as I was sitting in the announcement? Pah! Who cares. Interesting re-org, didn't affect my group at all, and we were all relieved, until the pointy haired boss said our re-org will begin in 2 weeks.

Right, time to slam Radiohead on.

But this afternoon my wrist rest arrived. Now if only I can get the ergonomic chair I want.

I should be sleeping. Hell ... I should always be sleeping.

Something just kind of came over me - it kind of feels like energy, creativity ... something somewhat unfamiliar.

After my breakdown a couple of days ago, I guess I'm entitled. Maybe that's even part of the reason. I've had writer's block for a while, barely able to node and completely unable to write. I still have a short story that I need to finish so that I can (maybe) get it published and get paid. I still have a lot of stuff that's sitting around unfinished, waiting for me to get the time/energy/creativity to do it.

It might just be time to do some of that backlog. I think I might have it in me to do something right now.

What an interesting, productive turn of events ...



Finally got up at around 11... Had more or less fun last night in MUCK with the puppet-behaved vehicles.

Again, strange dream not long enough to put to dream log... I think I saw a TV commercial. It was modelled after the famous black-and-white banner ad, even had the "Miles to code before we sleep" (I immediately thought "...and promises to keep" =)... but it didn't say which company it came from, and something in it seemed to tell it was not from TEDC.

My first Everything dream? My addiction grows sillier...


Well, that's that for Usenet and e-mail. I guess. Now... Ummm... wellwell.

I have a bunch of stuff to node; Last night I made some updates to my copy of C64 Kernal routine table (added stack usage for the common routines). Maybe I should HTMLify it somehow and put it to E2.

Stuff to do: Learn more elisp, finish the bump mapping hack and the maze generator/solver for C64... Oh dear.


I got two movies on video - Star Wars episode 1 and The Mummy - for 100 FIM. First time noding and watching a movie the same time... =)


(Yes, folks, Commodore did spell that thing "kernal". Don't blame me for their abuse of language! =)

Kind of boring evening. I hope stuff will turn more interesting this night...

Other day logs o' mine...

Noded today by y.t.: kernal Commodore 64 kernal reference


Someone stole my bicycle today, right from inside our flat laundry area. Thing was, my bike is an el cheapo hunk of shit plastered with stickers i've picked up round the place and is highly recognisable, while my flatmates more expensive bike was not touched. I'm not happy.

15:07 EET

Nothing beats getting a good 8 hours of sleep after a few nights of insomnia. Ironically I nearly slept too much, resulting in me breaking the 100m world record running to the bus stop. Sydney, here I come!

The day has been great, if not counting my ongoing flu and the fact I might get busted for software piracy.
No, I'm not one of those silly warez kiddies or a merchant of pirated software. Somebody just managed to access my personal CD-ROM-list - which does contain the filenames of some mp3s and similar items - and submitted the URL to a warez search engine.
Gee, thanks!
The admin of the site has now been receiving lawsuit threats and such. Nice. I doubt getting caught from this would result in me doing serious time or paying more in fines than Henry the Great spends on coke on a regular weekend, but still.. It's quite disconcerting. Then again, since it was just a private list of the stuff I have stored on those CDs, with no links to the material or anything like that, I'll probably survive.
But that's the last time I'll put anything possibly controversial or discriminating to public_html. Even when certain files should be safe from people not knowing the exact address.. well, you might still get screwed.

Today's Writeups
Roland S-10 | Roland S-220 | Roland TR-505


Tomorrow may be my last day at work for a while. In the UK it is common to have no petrol (gasoline) in your car today. After fuel rationing, we now have a petrol crisis. As Clone mentions, this has lead to food-hoarding, and food rationing. Hopefully we won't see a food crisis, as today, the petrol situation seems to be returning to normal (though slowly).

I started a new and exciting job on Monday. It combines my love of Java with, well, other stuff I'm trying not going to talk about too much. Best of all, my breakfast is provided every Tuesday and Wednesday. I love it.

Personally, I'm working on a Java API for Winamp. However, if someone has seen an existing one, (or even wants to see mine) do let me know. Also, at home, Big Brother reaches its conclusion tomorrow. Craig, Anna or Darren, who's it going to be? I don't much care, but I sense the public is behind Craig.

For lunch today, I had the best sandwhich ever. Sausage and egg on think white bread with mustard, tomato and salad cream. Fantastic.

So I have been told that due to my experience and background ( whatever that means ) I am to be lead consultant for this course. In other words not only do I find myself in a position of authority over the participants but over the other intstructors as well. My meteoric rise to the heights of power has been quite dizzying.

I am now trying to think of ways to abuse my position without attracting the attention of the fun police

sigh - its lonely at the top

Still waiting to hear final details about the jobs and then I guess I'll have to make a decision. This is a scary prospect.

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Raccoons infiltrated the house again last night. I await a report from feline security on this intrusion. Skyler must have been sleeping with his human actuator, who returned from Pennsylvania yesterday. And Pooka, I expect, noted those masked bandits from the second floor garden box, slouching towards the house, and decided to leave well enough alone.

Preliminary assessments seem to indicate that the purpose of their operation was the identification of a canister of dry cat food, the containment breech of said canister, resulting in the clandestine acquisition of said cat food.

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Well, at f*cking last

I have finally managed to have a proper cup of tea after spending 9 days in Holland. Now, I realise that to the non-tea drinker I may seem to be attaching too much importance to a mere drink. It is difficult to get across the beatified feeling that can be imparted to one if a proper cup of tea is consumed.

It's prolly a british only thing...

I'm such a slacker today. I really tried (really!) to get up for work, but I fell asleep in the bath and could hardly stay awake long enough to call in sick. That trade show must have took more out of me than I thought - I ache all over and I feel so much fatigue in my muscles.

I realised why I fell so deeply in love/lust with the girl yesterday on the plane. She looks pretty much like my dream girl (A girl in my dreams, not my "perfect mate")

I find it a little worrying that I can be so taken with a girl that she dominates my thoughts and dreams and fantasies so completely. I mean, I'm supposed to be this intelligent, rational being - but this girl has reduced me to a gibbering, wibbling, grinning, brain-drooling, lobotomised vegetable.

(Don't exhort me to talk to her or suchlike - she is engaged :-(

I must be working off some serious karmic debt. On Monday my car was impounded. Yeah yeah yeah I was parked in someone else's lot. In fact I've been parking there on a fairly consistent basis for almost four years now so the tow job really didn't surprise me. The lot belongs to a funeral home and I always say that I'm stealing parking from the dead.

I wasn't too hacked off - after all I deserved to be towed. So the next day I go to collect my car and wonder of wonders it was burgled at the impound place. This really upset me. My brand new Nikon 990 was in the trunk... but no more. Of course the tow company has absolutely no legal liability etc...

So I get my car and go back to my cafe to sulk and try to write out my frustration. I can probably work the insurance angle on the credit card I used to purchase the camera. So I decide to go home and start the process of filing a report with the police and when I leave the cafe... there's no car. I'd parked it on the street this time - not illegally.

I ask a neighboring store if they saw what happened to my car and they calmly told me that it had been towed. They had no idea why. This rather put me in a funk and I haven't yet marshalled the personal energy to recover my car yet again. If this keeps up I'm not going to expect to find my car where I've parked it anymore...

Ah well - things are still going exceedingly well with the new boy.

I am not fired. In fact, the person apologized to me. If I get this voucher to their clients in the next 25 minutes, all's well.

Except ME, I'm sick...feh. I think I got it from reading Starrynight's photons. Yep yep. Oddly enough, I don't feel sleepy from being up till almost 3 a. m. last night. I woke up at 6:45 a. m., so that's just weird. I don't get it. Oh well, I'm not complaining. The banana splits were a huge success with him and his roommate, who hadn't had splits since they were much younger. Then he and I watched the copy of "Whispers of the Heart" given to me by Starrynight. IT WAS SO GOOD! Mm...Studio Ghibli is full of tender-hearted genius. It was such a sweet and beautiful film, and yet realistic even for its flights of fancy. I've gotta say, any guy who can enjoy this movie is totally On My List.

So, so far so good. Today: Call bakery on birthday cake. Tomorrow: Get birthday cake, have cake and dinner with him and Mom. Saturday: surprise trip to the California Academy of Sciences and then lunch at Sapporo-ya (both of which shall be noded later if all goes well) in Nihonmachi.

I love planning things like this. ^.^
Another wonderful day...argh. Went to school (AGAIN) this morning to get my U-Pass. Didn't get it because the CTA is unorganized and stupid. Couldn't breathe for a large chunk of the day.

At work I finally got some shit to do...of course, all that shit is really hard now because the site's almost done. Spent more than 2 hours trying to make a JavaScript that checks onUnLoad if a bunch of form fields on a page were changed, and if they were, make it popup a confirmation that asks if the user really wants to leave without submitting the information changed in those fields. As expected, it is hell. Any help would be appreciated:

/* this is not yet working, so I will comment it out. 
function set() {
	var elements1 = new Array;
	for (thing in document.DCFSDispInfo.elements) {
		elements1thing = thing;

function stopnav() {
// confirms if user wants to navigate out of page without submitting.
	if (toString(document.formname.elements) != elements1) {
		if (confirm("You have not submitted the information on this page.
                               Continue without submitting?"))
			return true;	// user confirms; leave page
		else return false;	// user cancel.
still totally fucked up*/

(the form names have been changed to protect the investment) I don't know. Just can't make it do anything I'm planning for it. Tried putting a stopnav() in the submit button, didn't work; tried making hidden forms, didn't work; I'm right pissed off about it too.

I had espresso one of the Andy's made with his espresso maker that's on his desk. It ruled. I'm all on crack now. Ate my last piece of pizza from last night (it totally fucked my insides up last night).

Listened to Pitchshifter (Deviant), Bomb20 (Field Manual), and Pantera (Reinventing the Steel). It was good. I'm going to adoxograph's house tonite. We will play Magic and probably eat and then watch Striptease because it's bad. I might light her house on fire. I will light her cat on fire. No, I didn't mean we'll eat Striptease and then watch it.

Daily Affirmation: I will not get my modem to work in Linux. I will not get Apache installed in BeOS, nor will PHP or Perl work in BeOS. I will sleep poorly. I will have no dreams. I will not feel rested. I will wake up two hours before the alarm goes off with my stomach yelling at me. I will hurt. I will go to work. I will write tomorrow's day log. I will restart my process. Good day.
Its as grey a day as any other in September in Southern Ontario. The rain outside is cold and I'm chilled to the bone.

I know I am hungry but food is revolting me. I sat next to someone who was eating a buttered scone on the subway and the oils on her hands were making me feel ill. I'm overtired, confused over ten thousand things and I have no time to myself any time soon.

I need to do laundry and organize my kitchen for the contractors, who are probably going to replace my kitchen on Monday. Right now, there's no sink in my kitchen but I do have a brand new counter & cuboards. How they clash with the orange linoleum in there.

I'm tired. I'm so tired. I have to go launder now.

Today is excitement.

Today is losing control.

On Sunday, i do a parachute jump. But we need petrol, for the plane, good weather, to do it, and a parachute that works, to avoid death.

Today i was lonely, i feel lonely, school is lonely, i'm too lonely. When will the loneliness go away?

There is a new idea going in my life, which is to get up a half hour earlier (meaning 5:15 AM) to do a half-hour of yoga, then a half hour of getting dressed and ready, then a half hour of the little obnoxious tasks that I never get to (either from procrastination or external forces such as my three-year-old daughter).

I only started Monday, and so far have managed to use the half hour to pay my bills, balance my checkbook, fill our some ridiculous forms for my daughter's pre-school.

I guess this weekend will be a dangerous juncture; easy to break a not-yet-formed habit. We'll see.

I am tired! Of course I know why, but I feel very well (and very good!) at the same time. I expect that it will take about a month for my body to adjust to the new schedule.

Sydney. I'm exhausted, as if I'd been through some draining emotional event. But all that happened is that I saw the Olympic Torch Relay pass through the city center. This may be a common experience: an acquaintance who went to last night's Opening Ceremony dress rehearsal had a hangover this morning like she'd been on a punishing all-night binge.

The Torch Relay came to the central business district today, and at last it felt like this is indeed the Olympic city. There're banners in the street and souvenirs in the stores, commercials on TV and the news reports of the Torch making its way around the state and entering Sydney's outer suburbs--today it became a reality as the Torch came through the inner suburbs and into the city in the afternoon. The street timetable on the website said the Torch would be on George Street about 5.56 p.m., turning right into Park Street and then left into Elizabeth Street at 6.03 p.m. I intended to be there somewhere.

There was a large video screen at the George & Park Streets intersection (where Town Hall is), and at 5 p.m. crowds waving Australian flags had already made that area impassable. I walked east down Park Street. The queue at the ticket bureau around the corner on Elizabeth Street was longer than ever. Across was an apartment high-rise, the Canadian flag draped from a balcony railing about 20 floors up. Walked around for a couple of blocks, looking at the understated Olympics-related window displays for Armani and fcuk. The Grace Bros department store diplayed swimming costumes from previous Games, including Munich 1972. About 5.45 went back to Elizabeth Street to wait near the Sheraton-on the-Park Hotel. The sidwalk here was fairly empty of spectators but began to get crowded. Traffic was still being allowed through. Lots of cyclists, at whom the spectators applauded ironically as they showed off on their bikes.

Elizabeth Street is a 4-or 5-lane main road through the city center (with Hyde Park on one side of of it)--but as the traffic was blocked off and anticipation rose, the waiting crowds as if drawn by invisible magnets moved as one from the kerbs to the middle of the road and stood looking south: from which direction the Torch runner would emerge from Park Street. Police cars and coppers on bicycles came through pushing us back to the kerb, but we were not to be deterred. We'd lost all detachment and composure and were infected with New Year's Eve-type excitement and goodwill. We photographed the crowds' anticipatory faces, taking pictures of each other (total strangers, tourists and Sydneysiders) taking pictures. Helicopters and a blimp (with "G'day" on its side) hovering above.

At last the Relay turned the corner and moved north towards us. Police on motorbikes, a coach carrying other Relay runners (for future stages), then the Torch carrier herself--if I remember rightly, a little old lady in a wheelchair, accompanied by attendants. It's all a blur. All I remember seeing is the Torch aflame, the golden fire the focus of everyone's cheers and cameras. As the procession (an ambulance at the end of it) passed us, the masses broke ranks and swarmed over the road, dispersing to go elsewhere or follow after the Torch. It went onwards, north through Martin Place (a public square that runs east-west--uphill--across about 4 blocks). Officeworkers watched from the ornate stone balconies of the nearby 19th century buildings. A very large public party seemed to be happening near the metal Olympic Rings installation in Martin Place; the video screen here showing the Torch's progress. More people than I've ever seen anywhere except for Circular Quay on December 31 last year; weaved my way eastward and up Martin Place to the Rings to photograph the swarms below. Heard cheers on the Macquarie Street side and saw people running in that direction--it was the Torch Relay going south past Sydney Hospital and Hyde Park Barracks, and then veering east to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and after that to Bennelong Point and the Opera House.

I was too tired to follow. By now I had completely stopped thinking, and was just going with the moment and soaking up visuals. People were streaming from Martin Place to and across Hyde Park, and I drifted with them. Saw St Mary's Cathedral to the side of the Park; it has a new forecourt which I'd never seen before. A wide open space surrounded by the city's skyscrapers in the west and south and some apartment buildings to the east. Like a stage. It was 6.30 p.m., and surreally peaceful after the confusion of the Torch's progress. Sunless, a cool grey sky. Towards the north-east I could see the helicopters and blimp following the Torch Relay. It would be coming back into the central business district, to the Town Hall, in about an hour's time. City blocks were still closed, it was like a street party. So I went to my room (up in a city building) to have a wash. One TV channel had a live broadcast of the Torch Relay and another had a Seinfeld re-run (George becomes a Latvian Orthodox convert). The sun set; on TV was the Torch at the Opera House, the Olympic Rings logo in lights on the side of the Harbor Bridge. It was dark now. Through the window I could see the full moon rising golden in the east, behind searchlights beaming into the sky from the top of another skyscraper.

Got to the roof, 50 storeys up, to see the Torch returning to the Town Hall. I was looking westward along Park Street. Thousands of people were down there, watching the video screen showing the Torch's approach. And then as it arrived at the Town Hall intersection hundreds of camera flashes criss-crossed amidst the crowds. The runner took the flaming Torch up the steps, to the cauldron outside the Town Hall. Speeches. Then the cauldron was lit to huge cheers. (The flame will set off from here tomorrow morning for the city north of the Harbor, and in the evening arrive at the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony.) Fireworks from the Town Hall's spires and clocktower. Helicopters overhead. I went down and outside to go look at the flame in the cauldron.

The road surface was covered with discarded trash, cans, bottles. Woolworths, which faces the Town Hall, was still open, and its staff looked on in mingled horror and resignation as dispersing crowds used the store as a shortcut from one part of the street to another. It was selling Olympic souvenirs of all kinds, and I examined them in some bemusement. Saw a pin of the 3 mascots with the words "My First Olympic Games". Bought postcards and more film.

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I had my braces removed today and I thought I'd share this account. So I have had my braces since I was 10 years old, and I'm turning 16 next week. So you know I've had these braces for quite some time now, and it was really worth the wait. I went in around 9 this morning and was sitting in the chair as many sharp objects were laid before me. "This here is the pyrriah stick in case your teeth crumble on removal!" (okay, she didn't really say that, but that's what I heard). I was nervous, so much that I had to use the bathroom 3 times in 30 minutes. So she returns with about 7 pairs of pliars, red paste, and a balloon reading, "Congratulation! We're ripping metal from your teeth!"

Most of the brackets being removed couldn't even be felt. Until she got to my canines. "This may hurt a little." "THIS MAY FEEL LIKE I'M RIPPING YOUR KIDNEYS OUT!" Pain seared in my mouth. I jerked around violently in convulsions. Okay, that was over. She then moves on to molars. "This may smell and taste really bad, so I wouldn't move my tongue if I were you." I moved my tongue. EW. It tasted like every single item of food I have ate since I was 10 years old! I run to the bathroom and brush my teeth thoroughly, lots of blood everywhere. My gums are pretty swollen up for one reason or another. I'm grossed out by this. I have fairly clean teeth, I'll tell you, so this was weird. I look back up at my teeth. Perfect. 100% straight. Flawless. Nice and pearly white. Only one problem. A stain. Right there on my canine tooth. I was going into conniptions right there. So I go back to the chair and wait for more torture. This is when things get weird. The orthodontist brings out this circular saw blade and starts ripping it against my teeth. It smelled like burning teeth. It removed the small stain on my tooth. They were amzed by this. It sounded like a Mop Glo infommercial.. "WOW! The stain is gone!!!" After gagging me with silly putty, they took me to the back room where they put spatula-like flaps in my mouth and took pictures of my teeth. Now I know where they get the pictures for those little "What happens if you don't brush your teeth" pamphlets. I go back to the original chair and they want to take one last picture of me before I leave for their O Happy Day debandings picture board. I refuse to take part of this. I say, "Seeya!" and hit the road.

I go to school. A boy picks me up and dangles me upside-down in front of a boy I like. My day comes to an end. The end.

AS a continuation of yesterday, I will tell you how things worked out with Emily. If you have a short attention span, then you can be satisfied that she managed to get back together with Justin (horray for Emily!)

I talked to her on the bus today, where she told me that she was feeling bad about reacting the way she did to Justin's note. She told me about what was going on (can't tell you guys, it's REALLY private. I'm not telling. Scout's honor.)

She later managed to talk to him alone at lunch, where the problems they had were worked out, and things began to go back to normal. I feel alot better knowing she's ok now. I'm proud of myself for writing my note to her yesterday telling her to calm down, as she told me that theat helped her some. I'm not such a lousy people-person after all I guess.

You know, there's probably a joke or two out there whose punchline is "...and then the economics professor collapsed", but lemme tell you...


It was any old day in ECN 200. Our professor was just as energetic as she usually is in class, answering economics questions left and right. The last bit of the conversation went a little like:

Professor: ...and if the government puts a $3.70/bushel price cap, what will the result be?
Student: A shortage?
Professor: Right!
Another Student: But... why would the government put a price cap on?

That's when it happened. Completely without warning, she fell straight to the floor. No gasping for breath, no apparent dizziness, no nothing, just straight down. The people up front (I was in the back of the class at the time) took quick action and called for help. The professor regained consciousness shortly before campus police came by. She appeared to be okay, but a little unaware of what had just happened. When the cop came by, he looked at the situation and simply said, "Class is dismissed". We all obliged.

We won't really know what happened until Tuesday, when we have class again.

Besides that, I headed back home to see if I could figure out my Calc stuff. I'm still painfully confused, a bit. I need help.

NEW WRITEUPS TODAY: Department 10, Department 50, Department 75, Department 100... yep, get all your Meijer paging codes here!

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