I was thrown in the garbage today. It was quite traumatic.

I fell in a crumpled dixie cup, getting my tail wet, then had to inch-worm my way up a toilet paper roll and jump over the edge of the bin. It was quite a ways to the computer but there was a breeze blowing through the house I thought to be strong enough to carry me away. When I jumped in the air gravity just dragged me down because of the added weight; so I had to inch-worm my way all the way up the stairs down the hall to the computer. This took me an hour.

Well at least there was some good news. No one is going to get assasinated today (assasinators are always kind enough to give the news a few days notice so they can have a good story ready beforehand). Apparantly Dick Cheney is going to die soon however, they already have an obituary (this is good or bad news depending on if you are on the left or wrong side of the isle).

Notes from the Surf

Pictures from Airplanes
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Giant and Dwarf
Sometimes you really can learn things by seeing them from a different perspective.

When the geeks who played NES grew up to design websites.

Pre-existing conditions in DC, Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming
Insurance companies claim "domestic violence victim" as pre-existing condition for denying coverage.

Michael Moore's smash and grab
One former vice president of corporate communications for a health insurance company, and the author of several memos attempting to discredit Sicko, recently admitted to Bill Moyers on camera that Moore "hit the nail on the head with his movie."

Incoming Prime Minister of Japan blames US for the ills of capitalism, the global economy and "the destruction of human dignity"
"under previous governments Japan had become a yes-man to the US, this suggests to me that healthy change is taking place"

World Bank says that increased social protection schemes are anti-business
The just released "Doing Business 2010" discourages countries from adopting social protection schemes and designates governments that do so as anti-business.

Honduras: resistance against the coup grows
"On September 1, the IMF announced that Honduras had been allocated $163 million in Special Drawing Rights. This lead to an uproar of criticism of the IMF, which was then forced to do a partial retreat... the question of socialism, which was completely absent from the discussions before the coup, has now penetrated popular consciousness... In their desperation, the oligarchy is increasingly resorting to paramilitary means of repression. Already a number of prominent activists have been killed using death squad methods."

The Technical Term for Increase in Productivity
"With fewer employed workers doing more, the BLS reported a gain of 6.4 per cent in the productivity of US labor... When workers produce more for less real wages, the technical term for this is an increase in the rate of exploitation."

Vestas Occupation Interview: Me and another man shouted, "let's go now!"
"Vestas refused to allow anyone to deliver food to us... I lost almost 20 kg and someone else had to go to hospital because of low blood-sugar levels... Activists of various tendencies were found there, even UNICEF supported us, due to the fact that we were not receiving food... I can't say a bad word about the people I was inside with. They are as close to me as my own family. The same goes for the people who were on the outside."

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