Took the bait at face value; got bilked.

So it goes. Maybe now I will have a shot at explaining what is and is not happening. Maybe no. Not that I really care either way— I'm willing to accept that nothing will happen when I least expect it.

At the end of the day I hope only to read til my eyes bleed.


For breakfast today I had candy. It was great. Sugar (like it's denatured form) often fails to sustain for long but today it did the trick.

Fall is subtle here, the real exterior change marked by the tropical storms which never seem as close as I would like. The rain has been strong as of late, in surges with subsequent bouts of sun


Last week I finished reading Deadeye Dick, which I had somehow glossed over whilst manically reading most of Vonnegut's output fourteen years ago. It was good, worth the wait—I had tried it once before but the timing was off, apparently. The narrator had this fantasy of an all neuter parade, with a banner reading EGREGIOUS. That made me smile. Also pleasing was V's use of colloquial recipes to season the text. Like a reverse version of an out of print cookbook I lost long ago.

fuck: been three months now

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