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track four

Server Time

Clicking away the nodings that make up a dull day
You downvote and scan the folks in an offhand way
Linking around to the bookmarks you put on your homenode
Waiting for server time to change to a brand new day

Tired of reading DMan's right hand philisophical barray
When MoJoe tells a dirty joke about kenata's girlie name
And then the lowest crime- EDB has got behind you
He had you for a snack, you'll learn to watch your back

And you run and you run but nate, bones and dbrown are all on you
They changed your password to "I'm a big rhino's backside".
They nuked all your nodes coz they felt like it, oh, and you're shat on.
They even put pictures of cancerous balls on your homenode.

Every day is getting longer, seems eternal server time
Nodes that neither make a point or make you smile with clever rhymes
Hanging on and reading when you're braindead is the E2 way,
Server time is gone, the node is over, nothing really left to say...

Choke Reprise

Home node again,
I like to fix things when I can
And when I come here when I'm going,
It's good to not see "Ack! You lost points!"
Far away in nathan's brain
That old and moldy iron bell
Draws the faithful to their nodes
To softlink nodes till they go to Everything hell...

by nocode

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