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Epic comic book series, published in 2005-2006 by DC Comics and written by Grant Morrison.

The concept for the series was conceived and intricately plotted-out by Morrison, a Scottish writer best known for creating "The Invisibles" and for shepherding "JLA" and "The X-Men" through some of their most critically acclaimed storylines. He decided on the name of the series after doing extensive work on the project after realizing that DC already owned the rights to the Seven Soldiers of Victory, a normal team of superheroes created back in 1941.

Morrison's comic is a superteam book with a twist -- none of the seven superheroes ever meet each other or even know that they're working toward a common goal. Each character gets his or her own four-issue mini-series, with new artists, (mostly) new origins, and free-standing storylines. All of the main characters have names familiar to DC Comics readers, though most get a facelift for the new project. You could buy just one of the mini-series and get a complete, satisfying story, without needing to know about any of the other stories. Of course, if you pick up all seven mini-series (that's 28 separate issues, plus two bookend issues at the beginning and end, spanning over a year), you're going to get an intricate, novel-length epic with a shared, interlocking set of plots, villains, supporting characters, symbolisms, and mythologies, from one of the best and most ambitious comic writers out there.

All seven of the main characters face an extinction-level event -- a faerie-like race called the Sheeda who periodically invade Earth and exterminate almost everyone, leaving just enough people to rebuild the population for the next time the Sheeda invade. Can seven superheroes, working completely independently, shut down an army of powerful invaders with millions of years of experience in hunting down and killing large numbers of humans?

The series started with Seven Soldiers #0, featuring art by J.H. Williams. The Vigilante (a combination cowboy/superhero from the early '40s) hires a group of five low-rent superheroes to help him put down the threat of the Sheeda. The Whip, Gimmix, Boy Blue, Dyno-Mite Dan, and Spyder (all updated versions of Golden Age characters) help Vigilante put down a giant spider... but they are unprepared for the huge numbers of Sheeda that soon attack them, nor for the cosmic villain called the Nebula Man (or Neh-buh-loh), and they are all brutally slaughtered. The mysterious Seven Unknown Men, the secret patrons of the team, are disappointed, but they set into motion their plan to assemble a new team of heroes who will never meet each other... Once that's out of the way, the seven individual miniseries get started, including:

The final bookend issue will arrive with Seven Soldiers #1 in the spring of 2006. Morrison has promised that one of the Soldiers will die before the series ends. I'm hoping it'll be one who can spontaneously resurrect him/herself...

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