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Imagine a place scared stiff of society, minorities, and the "poor." Where no sixteen year old is a member of the citizenry unless he owns a car. Where everything is divided according to class and race, and then divided again into "communities"--each with its own tacky, generic name. See a place where there is no city hall, no downtown, or (heaven forbid) a city park. Imagine a place where kids are raised to be afraid of "different" and adults turn continuous cheap talk into an art form. A place where any possibility of mass transit is shot down from the fear of the "poor" of a nearby city flooding the streets.

A place where the parent or parents are working far away during the week (see bedroom communities). Where individualism is forbidden and cliques praised. Where a kid can lose his trust in society, his hopes for humanity, and his dreams of a future.

Now imagine this place actually existing. And imagine having to live in it for three years.

Welcome to Severna Park, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Snobville, USA. Population over 25,000 and growing!

Wow. After the depressing (albeit accurate) writeup by rookkey2, I feel the need to defend it a little. Severna Park is located in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, a little north of Annapolis. Now, I'm from nearby Annapolis and enjoyed growing up there. The whole area is full of polo-shirted yuppies. And it seems that those that want to enjoy the Severn River, but don't feel like dealing with downtown, end up in Severna Park.

The average household income in Severna Park is $138,500, over three times the national average. This makes Severna Park the richest area in the county. And this becomes apparent when you stroll through the neighborhoods, although Severna Park has managed to keep commercial businesses that look similar to any other area (there's no Sak's 5th Avenue shops lying around).

Notable guests of Severna Park include Pat Sajak and his wife, as well as Michael Jordan for a short while before he got his place in Northwest DC.

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