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a line (not from Blazing Saddles, as I first thought, but from the Three Amigos) that is easily adaptable for everyday use:

  • "Hoover - hoover like the wind!"
  • "Code - code like the wind!" "Clean - clean like the wind!"
  • etc

In the same way that the best thing since sliced bread shouldn't be overused, this phrase can get annoying. As in all things, moderation.

This phrase was not coined by the Three Amigos. The original "run (person), run like the wind" is a cliché from melodramatic movie serials. Since the Three Amigos is itself a parody of those same serials, its use in that movie is intended to be a parody of something that everyone is supposed to know about.

Quite possibly the only funny line in the Three Amigos, or at least the only one quotable out of context.
Well, okay, I laughed at one other line in the movie: when El Guapo opens his birthday present from his men and says "Iss a sweater!"

Then again, I haven't seen the movie since 1986, and I was in college at the time. Judging by the reviews in the IMDB, if you saw this film before the age of 12, it made your list of the all time greatest American comedies.

Node! Node, old woman, node like the wind!"

Despite what Ereneta says, this is not even remotely the only quotable line from ¡Three Amigos!. My favorites include:

  • "Hey! Yooo-guys! Lookuphere, lookuphere!" (when someone's attention is difficult to get)
  • "Señor, can I have your watch when you are dead?" (to express admiration for someone's courage)
  • "Would you say we have a plethora of something?" (a comment on great quantities of e-mail, bugs, or anything that can be counted)

I don't know why some people can have an entire conversation using nothing but movie quotes. I'm honestly not sure whether to give them a good dope slap or worship the ground whereon they quote.

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