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Sex Court is a television show that currently only airs on The Playboy Channel. The show tries to be like Judge Judy for sexual issues. The participants are porn stars for the most part. But they pretend to be regular people. Like all court shows this one comes off as funny, rather then serious, and it isn't really very erotic at all. On real court shows you can at least laugh at the idiocy of the people involved, but in this show you are laughing at the idiocy of the dialogue, since the show itself appears to be a complete fake. I say the show appears to be fake because everyone on the show always looks and acts like a professional in the porn industry, but the show has the standard appeal at the end to submit your cases, so perhaps some of them are somehow based in reality, but I doubt it.

The show begins wth your standard arguements, the problems usually include things such as lackluster bedroom performance, massive infidelity, and the ever famous "she always uses my dildo when I want to use it". After the two people air their problems the "judge", (a sexy black haired dominatrix girl) (Julie Strain), will render her verdict. Which is always some kind of sex to be performed right then and there in front of the audience. The half naked guys and girls that dance around the courtroom usually join in making it an orgy everytime.

What makes this show funny, (besides the dialog), is the music. They play the most serious, harcore, self involved classical music, (to go along with all the oral sex). The stuff they play sounds very similar to the music on the Romeo + Juliet score. Its good music, but a little strange for porn.

The production quality of the show is high, but the content is awful. The show isn't really funny enough to be a decent comedy, and it has far too much set up time to be considered as decent pornography. There really isn't much reason to watch this show, unless of course you don't watch anything but The Playboy Channel, in that case I highly recommend the show.

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