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According to my Biology book (in the evolution section), a certain type of flower has an unsual strategy to get pollinated by male insects of a certain species: it imitates the form of the female, and even emits pheromones that normally only come from the females of this species. The males repeatedly try to mate with the flowers, spreading the pollen (which is strategically placed to be picked up easily) among the local population.

Of course, the obvious thing that jumps to mind when people mention sex with plants is cucumbers and like plants. This is not an unusual practice, though I've never done it myself. I've been told that some prefer them skinned, others leave them as is.

Now, is a wooden dildo considered sex with a plant?

C-Dawg: Alias MJ: re wooden dildos, I think that would be botanonecrophilia :)

In Evil Dead (staring Bruce Campbell as Ash), there is a scene where a young woman, Ash's girlfriend is out in the woods (which are of course, possessed by an evil spirit), and she is attacked by plants. When I say attacked, I mean, at first she is dragged through the woods, screaming bloody murder all the while. Then, the plants wrap around her like bondage a la Japanese Tentacle Porn, and proceed to tear her clothes off. In a final act of dendro-human lust, one large, meaty tentacle slides up her skirt and she half moans, half screams, making the viewer unsure if she is in pain or pleasure (disturbing, yes, but quite funny). Anyway, I believe this is classified as dendrophilia.

As a side note, I once knew a guy, who whenever we passed a tree with a hole in it screamed out, "THE MARK OF A DENDROPHILIAC!!!"

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