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Sexual Myths About Women.

There are a lot of these, some passed around by boys to each other but also passed on to girls by their mothers and to women by the media. So this is my public service node about these fallacies. Feel free to add. There are also a lot of Sexual Myths About Men, and they tend to be equally damaging and insulting.

Myth: No women like pornography.
Myth: Women's genitalia smell bad.
Myth: Women don't have erotic dreams.
Myth: Girls/Women don't engage in autoeroticism.
Myth: Women become lesbian because of bad male lovers.


Some other myths, mostly believed by people who have never had sex and derive the sum total of their knowledge from porn written by other people who have never had sex but are writing about what they think sex may be like:

  • Any woman when confronted with some sexual situation which they dislike will immediately be "betrayed by her body" and "start getting wet."
  • Some women when raped will confess that they "always fantasized about that" and liked it. (Who was the idiot who came up with that one?)
  • When a woman is aroused she loses any semblance of free will.
  • Most women have "long, thick" nipples, often ranging up to a half inch or more long.
  • Most women "never really thought of having sex with another woman," but will enjoy it immensely and want to do it again after the first time.
  • Women are always turned on by exhibitionism, such as being conned (or forced) into having sex in the middle of a party.
  • Women love being tied up and their nipples attacked by things like clothespins.

Those were taken from a quick search through the gutter of a USENET newsgroup alt.sex.stories.moderated.

Now for some which aren't from pr0n, usually also from guys who have never had sex but think that they know what it is like:

  • Women love being spanked, having their breasts slapped around. and having their nipples basically twisted off.
  • Women would much rather prefer a quickie cheap sex episode than a guy who takes his time with her.
  • All women just love giving oral sex to a man. If a woman does not enjoy it, then after giving it the first time she will enjoy it forever thereafter.
  • All women love to swallow semen.
Okay, now let's get some equal air time. Next time I log in, I hope to see and vote up some sexual myths women perpetuate about themselves, from guys who used to be fooled by these myths and no longer are.

Hmmm. Time to shed some more experience points. The favorite memetic ploy I've encountered is the me too gambit. It works like this...

Joe: Y'know, by and large, it's been my experience that women don't enjoy porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movies/Quake as much as guys do.
Bob: Yeah, well, as they say vive le difference
Mary: Hey! That's not true at all, those are all generalizations and sexual myths about women. I know plenty of women who enjoy porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movies/Quake. Why, my room mate's cousin's ex study partner's sister placed first in the regional porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movie/Quake semifinal.
Joe & Bob in unison: Wooow...
Joe: ...so you're saying that...
Bob: ...we've been wrong about women all along?
Mary: Yup! That's exactly what I'm saying.
Joe: Kewel. We were just planning to get the guys together and indulge in a little porn/bondage/watersports/kinky sex/non kinky sex/action movies/Quake this weekend. You wanna come along?
Bob: Yeah, come on over, it will be a blast.
Mary: Um, no thanks. I don't feel comfortable doing that. I just meant, in principle women are into all that weird stuff, but of course I'd rather die twice than go within ten feet of any of it... until the next time someone tries to exclude me from it or recognize the fact that I've essentially excluded myself.
Joe and Bob look really confused and a little disappointed.
Repeat ad nauseaum.
Well, more than myths these would be overgeneralizations, because I can assure you that there is a healthy minority of women that actually enjoy having their nipples pinched by clothspins, being spanked, being called 'bitch' and other even squickier things.

The vulgar error lies in supposing that every woman's (and every man's) sex drive works in the same way. This is an error perpertrated in porn, but also in FEM-PORN: consider pieces of advice like "dress up in kinky lingerie" or anything including honey. Not every man likes that, much like not every woman likes to be spanked.

As a matter of fact, one of the most delicate (and enjoyable) things about a long-term relationship is exploring what the other person likes. But it cannot be rushed, at least not in my experience.

If you feel the urge to downvote this, please tell me why: or, better yet, node your thoughts.
baffo has made an excellent point, sexuality is such a broad continuum that generalizations are generally impossible to make with any accuracy. This point can be most eloquently expressed by the fact that there are a few people that are both sadists and masochists. When such a massive dichotomy of pleasure can be found within a single individual, virtually nothing is impossible within the realms of sex.

As always, the only absolute, is that nothing is absolute.

These arise primarily because we don't understand how to separate out a person's human identity from their gender identity.

I am a man, I feel my humanity through my image of myself as a man, it makes me real, it defines who and what I am. To an extent. I know that I can step out of my male identity, and just be, well, me.Thinking about something, even other guys, not trapped by the limits I set myself. I find it easy, and I imagine most of you reading this find it a lot easier than you let on. The problem is that this is as true for women as it is for us guys, and unlike guys who use broad strokes to describe the painting of themselves, women use much smaller, more complex brush strokes. It is much harder to separate out the woman from the person, which I think is part of their charm, they seem MUCH more emotionally connected that we guys do. It also means however that we get confused when sorting out sex.

To illustrate... we think in terms of classes: IF she is a woman AND women like flowers/chocolates/outrageous declarations of undying love THEN because she is a woman, she MUST like flowers/chocolates/outrageous declarations of undying love. END IF.

Believe it or not but that is how a lot of guys I know think about sex, and women, and sometimes even love. Awkward as it is, we tend to try to 'solve' women as much as try to understand them. Hence all the wasted hypotheses concerning women and sex, and therefore the myths. Women aren't there to be solved. They're there to be experienced.

Like us.

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