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Se"xy ug"ly, a.

A form of attractiveness - One who is not remarkably good looking, but exudes sex appeal, thus making him/her appealing. Coincides with the "Huge Defect Theory" which states that if someone possesses what small-minded society might term a physical defect, ex. short (c.f. Kate Moss), round hips (c.f. Jennifer Lopez), a lazy eye* (c.f. Claudia Schiffer) or a large nose (c.f. Tom Cruise) and is still irresistable, then that human being is truly and indubitably a wowzer. In French, you will find the expression 'jolie laide' i.e. ugly beauty.**

*In Italy, this phenomenon is known as Venus defect
**Thanks to zoeb and Albert Herring.

Such a characteristic may or may not be able to transcend digital media. It has been noted that individuals possessing this quality are far from photogenic, although, this point is disputable. Indeed, first indications will be mostly observed by the effect had on members of the opposite sex within a physical five metre radius.

Origins: The term seems to have been coined during the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)" where Jessica is telling Helen why her relationship with Larry didn't work out.

Jessica: He just wasn't funny, you know? That's always been my problem, I think. Not smart or not funny. Or not smart and not funny. Or smart, but in a totally unappealing way like funny stupid or funny dopy, rather than funny witty, or funny irony or funny goofy. Or, you think they're smart- and then you realize that they're not- and that's funny. But funny tragic. And then, if you're lucky enough to find someone who's the right kind of smart and the right kind of funny, usually they're just ... kinda ...
Helen: Ugly?
Jessica: Ugly, exactly. Oh my god, is that awful?
Helen: No, not at all. Ugly doesn't do it for you. That's okay. See me, I'm kinda into ugly ... But only if it's sexy ugly.

Possible contenders: Steve Tyler Uma Thurman Donal Logue Zach Braff Ben Whishaw Mr Big Owen Wilson submitted by fuzzy and blue Halspal submitted by himself

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