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A relatively small shoe company specializing in industrial-style/punk-style footwear. Most of their shoes sport dark colors and either a flame pattern or a skull pattern of some sort.

Can be compared to Creepers for their thick soles and uniquely morbid styling. Each of the shoes in both the male and female lines contain secret compartments hidden underneath the insole. Useful for hiding "keys" and other miscellaneous small items you might not want anyone to find out you posess. The shoes can be found at several retro/"alternative" footwear and clothing stores.

I recently bought a pair of their "Skate" style shoes, and I found them to be more comfortable than some other similarly styled shoes coming in at nearly twice the price(60 bucks). Even with the hard plastic hiding space underneath your feet the shoes are hard to beat. I got black with grey flames, but they offer black with bright orange flames and blue flames too I believe. I'm not that brave just yet.

The company itself, if I have my facts right, is located somewhere near Palo Alto California, and has been making shoes and boots for around 5 years now. Definitely worth checking out if you like distinctive footwear. I will surely try another pair out for size once it's time for a new pair of shoes.

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