File this one under Lies My Biker Buddies Tell...

One of the great many myths about motorcycling that get perpetuated, primarily through internet motorcycling discussions, either on mailing lists or on usenet.

This particular lie is a favourite among the crowd.

The explanations for this one start simple (like a shaft drive isn't as efficient for transferring power and therefore can't wheelie; or the shaft drive is heavier; or bikes that are typically made as shafties aren't the performance machines one needs in order to pull a good wheelie) to the more outlandish (the counterforce generated by the spinning drive shaft relative (and generally opposite; to the forces from the flywheel will prohibit the rider from lofting the front end).

As an experienced Beemer-Guy let me clear this on up for you here and now. Shafties CAN TO Wheelie. My '00 r1150gs is a Wheelie Machine.

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