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She approached me when the night was young. She walked down the bar like a woman with a purpose. She knew what she wanted. She spoke slowly like a glass of gin, and the words rolled from her tongue.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

The vague line was just that, used and used often. A drink request stunned me into silence. Stepped up to the bar with her as she glided like a liquid moment and ordered some poison. Sipped it slowly, wanting the moment to last.

“Come here often?”

Often meaning all the time, so yes, I came here often. I sat on the chair with a stare into space waiting for a girl like her to talk to me. Night after night, sitting here, often waiting for nothing. We sipped some more and looked everywhere but at each other.

“You have nice eyes.”

How could she see in the dimness, the smoke, the big clouds of words that hung over our heads? My eyes sought out hers from the rest, and we finally saw each other. Two in a bar, together but alone. We don’t talk. Our bodies seem to talk, but talking is not listening.

“Take care. See ya around.”

She gets up and walks away. I watch her as she leaves.

“You should have just asked me if I wanted to fuck.”

She hears the words, turns around. Looks at me with icicle eyes. She stares for a moment, daring me to say more, then walks away. She approached me with some vague line. I gave her specific.

This nodeshell saved by Zari, now and then a member of The Nodeshell Rescue Team.

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