i followed the turnip truck so closely and 
i watched you fall, bounce along the ground just 
a little before she picked you up and clutched
your bruised self tenderly against her bosom
"oh gosh, oh gosh i sure do love you.. oh, oh
you will be my sweet child, my sweet beautiful
child and no one shall ever know that you.. 

            you fell off the turnip truck!"

and you grew up and i watched the way you 
you were perfection but i knew, i knew and 
it was only a matter of time before i let it

      s l i p..

          you fell off the turn.. ip truck!

you'll never be allowed into the bowl with the
others when they discover that you fell off so
long ago, you're not like them.. you can never
be like them because i see through it and they
will too. i can see the bruised, still tender 
inner flesh of someone who fell so hard. you
appear frighteningly immaculate, the way she 
cleaned you up and told you over and over that 
no one would ever know how you fell.. but alone
she would lose herself and..
         you're damaged bad at best, 
             she knew, she knew... 

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