The Art of Shen Ku, by Zeek

This book is what I figure the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad keeps around for reference and general bedside reading: in four sections, it tells of the wisdom of the Traveller, the Physician, The Sailor, and The Martial Artist (the "Four Bells"), profusely illustrated with dramatic black and white pen and ink cartoons, and leavened with Zeek's cosmic insights and humor. Covering everything from childrens' games (and parenting advice) to deadly combat, with much space given to such subjects as acupressure, herbal medicine (by plant and ailment), tying knots, and sample forms for almost every major martial art (and a few minor ones). Features include knife throwing, wind surfing, and some little-known Anglo-Asian recipes (healthy, kid-tested). Mind-blowing in every sense.This guy tried to write an encyclopedia by himself, and I can only applaud.

Maybe you could find some of this information in the SAS Survival manual, and I'd be inclined to be somewhat skeptical of his medical advice, but I dare you to find a book on these subjects that's as much fun. Will keep you engaged for hours at a time, imagining yourself on a junk on the China Seas, with a crew of international crazies, looking for adventure and living dangerously. (That it ends with a section on how to keep fit in an Asian prison does give me pause, however...)

Also see, if you're inclined, "Living on the Earth", by Alicia Bay Laurel.

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