Shenzhen is a city in Guangdong province in China. The significant importance of Shenzhen is that it is located very close to Hong Kong, approximately 45 minutes by train. A great deal of Hong Kong and foreign businesses are funnelled through Shenzhen due to its close proximity to Hong Kong. As a result, there are many people who go to Shenzhen from other parts of China in order to work. Hence the feeling of the city is not as strongly Cantonese as in other cities in Guangdong.

Being located in the south of China, Shenzhen is a very warm place, the humidity is high and the temperature seldom drops below 45 degrees Farenheit. The scenery is decent, as there are some greenery-covered hills and rivers.

Additionally, Shenzhen is famous as being a very good place to buy fake name-breand apparel. (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci etc.) Because it is so close to Hong Kong, many people take trips to Shenzhen for the purpose of shopping. Both mandarin and Cantonese are spoken in Shenzhen.

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