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Sherwood Anderson was an American author who published a number of novels in the first half of the Twentieth Century. His most famous work, and one of the most beautiful pieces of American literature, is the short story collection "Winesburg, Ohio".

Anderson was born in 1876 in Camden, Ohio. He served in the Spanish-American War. He was managing a paint factory in Ohio when he realized what his true dream was. He consequently abandoned his job as well as his wife and 3 children, moved to Chicago and became a writer.

His first novel was "Windy McPherson's Son", published in 1916. His second novel, "Marching Men" (1917) was a study of the individual in conflict with industrial society.

Anderson's collection of short stories, "Winesburg, Ohio" (1919) offers a loosely connected series of stories describing disillusioned small-town lives. While his first 2 novels were minor successes, he suddenly gained wide recognition with "Winesburg, Ohio". The book is rightfully considered his masterpiece and maybe one of the most beautiful short story collections in American literature.

Other works by Sherwood Anderson are:

- "Poor White" (1920)
- "The Triumph of the Egg" (1921)
- "Many Marriages" (1923)
- "Horses and Men" (1923)
- "A Story Teller's Story" (1924)
- "Dark Laughter" (1925)
- "Death in the Woods" (1933)

Even though Anderson is now mostly forgotten, he personally and indirectly influenced a generation of young writers, including such greats as Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner and John Steinbeck.

Sherwood Anderson died in 1941.

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