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Israeli politician. He was prime minister in 1977, 1984-86 and 1995-96.

1923: Born in Poland.
1934: Peres' family moves to Palestine.
1977: Peres becomes leader of the Labour Party, and is prime minister (Israel's 8th prime minister) for the remaining 3 weeks before the elections, after Yitzhak Rabin had to resign.
1984: Becomes prime minister for the first half in the coalition between the Likud Party and the Labour Party.
1986: When handing over the position of prime minister to Yitzhak Shamir, Peres becomes deputy prime minister.
1988: Peres becomes finance minister in a new coalition government.
1990: With the breakdown of the coalition, Peres resigns as finance minister.
1992: Peres looses in the elections for the chair of the L June: Peres becomes foreign minister in the new Labour government.
1993 September 13: Signs the Oslo Agreement in Washington.
1994 December 10: Receives the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway, together with Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat.
1995 November: With the murder of Rabin, Peres becomes the new prime minister.
1996 May 21: Peres loses in the prime minister elections against Benjamin Netanyahu from the Likud Party.
1997: Peres is defeated by Ehud Barak for leadership of the Labour party.
2000: Peres contends for the post of president.

Editors Note: Simon Peres died on September 28, 2016, after suffering a massive stroke. He was 93 years old.

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