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In the world of fandoms, shipping is short for 'relationship', and is used to talk about non-canon or headcanon pairings, especially romantic pairings. These relationships may be wishful thinking, but they often inspire fan fiction or fan art. When the relationships become explicitly sexual in nature, the term slash might be used instead of ship.

Ship"ping (?), a.


Relating to ships, their ownership, transfer, or employment; as, shiping concerns.


Relating to, or concerned in, the forwarding of goods; as, a shipping clerk.


© Webster 1913.

Ship"ping, n.


The act of one who, or of that which, ships; as, the shipping of flour to Liverpool.


The collective body of ships in one place, or belonging to one port, country, etc.; vessels, generally; tonnage.



"God send 'em good shipping."


Shipping articles, articles of agreement between the captain of a vessel and the seamen on board, in respect to the amount of wages, length of time for which they are shipping, etc. Bouvier. -- To take shipping, to embark; to take ship. [Obs.] John vi.24. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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