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Shoeless Joe is a book by W.P. Kinsella. It's the book that Field of Dreams is based off of. I was lucky enough to have Mr. Peters for English my sophomore year in high school, so we read this. Even then, it appealed to me. Now more then ever, I find the innocence and simplicity really attractive. It makes me want to get married, move to Iowa, buy a farm, get a Golden Retriever, and have a daughter.

It was raining outside a few minutes ago, and the rain was set against the grey sky and the green grass in my backyard. It was almost beautiful. The rain was cleansing.

My copy of the book is a paperback, and all the pages have been folded back so that they'll lay flat. It's comfortable, like an old friend.

"A quirky, wonderful book, which is not so much about baseball as it is about dreams, magic, life, and what is quintessentially American..."
-Philadelphia Inquirer

In the movie they changed Annie, the main character's wife, into a feminist. A lot of people criticized the book because they thought Annie was stupid and submissive. I think she was beautiful.

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