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Shooting Gallery is a classic DOS game by Nels Anderson. As I'm sure you can tell, it's a game about shooting off a rifle. Your cursor becomes a crosshair as you take aim at 4 different levels.

The first is a sort of a fairway game like you'd see at the carnival; Mugs, ducks, bombs and the like all scroll past the screen at varying speeds. The thinner a object, the harder it is to hit, so you can be sure it's worth a lot of points! It's often maddening trying to decide what to spend your time shooting.

Another is simple, but a lot of fun; You'll see a target, and a traffic light... As the traffic light begins to turn green, you have to get ready for the cursor to become visible, and shoot the bullseye as quickly as possible. You'll feel just like Roger Moore if you can hit the bulls eye in just a fraction of a second. Of course, you're not going to get any ladies after shooting the bulls eye, but at least you're not being chased by Russians.

The third shooting challenge is definetly the hardest. A skeet shoots out, and you have to be quick to follow it and blast it quickly before it's out of sight. No sir, this is NOT Duck Hunt style clay disc shooting; it's really quite tough.

Then you get to do all three of these levels again, with slight variations... The fairway game has added targets, the target game has 2 targets to blast away at, and the skeet shooting has now 2 skeets. But then the real fun begins...

You get to play Shoot-out, the western style shooting game. Men in black pop up out of saloon doors and the like, as you take aim and blow them away as they cry phrases like "Mommy!", "Ouch!" and "Arg!". Take care not to shoot the old grannies or small children though, as you will lose points.

Fond memories come to me as I remember competing against family members to get the top ranked spot on the score board displayed at the end of every round... Thanks for the memories and lame death cries, Nels!

You can get this classic game that is sure to teach children all about hand-eye coordination from Dosgames.com

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