SlightlyMadman really enjoys the Power Puff Girls. Maybe a little too much.

Last Sunday I dragged him to Target so that I could buy the inexpensive, utilitarian things on my Christmas list, and told him to play with toys so he wouldn't see the things that were to be his gifts. Somehow, between picking up a 3-pack of underwear for my sister, and an amaryllis bulb-kit for my mother, I found myself in the children's clothing section, standing before racks of Power Puff Girls apparel with devious ideas a-brewin'.

Let it be known that I am far from petite or waif-like. I'm 5'9 3/4", and bear the bulges of womanhood, but I couldn't resist trying on a girl's X-Large shirt. It fit me like a baby-t so I threw it in the cart. When I was finished shopping I found a bored and cranky Madman, who ruined the surprise by looking in the cart. This, however, turned out for the best, because then he accompanied me back to the girl's section, to see if they had a shirt in a better color.

It was rather perverse, standing amidst mothers shopping for their daughter's Christmas presents, rumaging through tiny shirts and pausing to kiss. I felt like Lolita as my eyes instinctively widened while I held shirts up to my chest and asked "What about this one?" We decided on a slightly gothy shirt with a picture of the girls against a nighttime city-scape with bats flying around them, because the silver sparkly one with just Buttercup that said 'Feisty' beneath her, only came in a small, which just about fit my hand. Buying little girls' clothes made me feel naughty (which I like), but mostly, I was amazed that they fit.

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