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(Disclaimer: this node is meant for citizens of the United States. Anyone, please feel free to comment.)

Voting is, contrary to popular opinion, an awesome tool. Yes, the electoral college is what elects the president in the end, but it YOUR votes are what determine electoral votes.

I think voting is a very strong expression of the freedom we take as our birthright from the United States. Though we don't make the decisions directly, and it is an imperfect system, it's much more than many other countries, now or in the past, have allowed their citizens (some nations don't even recognize the term "citizen" and look more at their residents as property).

But should just anyone be given this magnificent power? In the United States it isn't hard to get the right to vote, all you have to do is be a citizen and survive 18 years. Now, many people would say living that long would endow a certain wisdom on a person but I say, uh-uh.

This is what I say:
Send information, written by both supporters and detractors of every (yes every) presidential candidate (at least) to the home of every registered voter.
Equip every voting booth with a small computer. Have the computer take the individual's SSN (to make sure each person only votes once) and their choice of presidential candidate. Then have the computer administer a short test based on the issues of their chosen candidate.

Would you want someone who hasn't even taken a driving test to share the road with you? Well, I certainly wouldn't want my vote negated (or supported, for that matter) by someone who knew nothing of politics.

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