The Shove It (a.k.a. Shuv it, by illiterate people) is a skateboarding trick. It is the easiest trick you can learn, that still looks a bit impressive. It goes like this:

To preform a Shove it, you push down the tail just a little bit, and then shove the board clockwise or counterclockwise (what ever you find easiest) by pushing your front foot in one direction, and your rear foot in the opposite direction, in the same moment as you jump up (you might want to jump forward a little bit, towards the direction in which your toes are pointing, since this trick has a tendency to push the skateboard in said direction). When the skateboard has completed its spin, land on top of it (duh) and try not to let it slip.
logically enough, a 180 degree spin of the board is called a "180 shove it", a 360 degree spin is called "360 shove it" and so on.

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