Paul Verhoeven's utterly mad 1995 movie, in which sanity is totally out of sight. Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) goes to Las Vegas to seek her fortune. She starts off as an exotic dancer and ends up as Vegas' top showgirl. On the way there's sex in a swimming pool, Versace, Kyle MacLachlan, excessive make-up, over-the-top musical numbers, rape by a rock star, and Gina Gershon in a bondage outfit. Far out.

Showgirls was panned by the critics universally when it first came out. The film was nominated for 12 Razzie awards, 6 of which it won, including Worst Picture and Worst Director. Paul Verhoeven went to pick up the awards himself, as a first in Razzie history.

However, a few years after the initial release, several critics including notable names such as Jonathan Rosenbaum and Adrian Martin wrote articles claiming that the initial reaction should be reconsidered and that the film actually holds up.

Showgirls was Paul Verhoeven's first self-proclaimed attempt at making a realist film about America, and the cut-throat competition of the Las Vegas show business can be seen as a reflection of Hollywood or the U.S.

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